Mom said I'm gullible for being Catholic

Just the other day, my mom asked me if I really believed in Jesus, and I said yes. My mom then made the remark that I’m gullible for believing. I was really surprised, because I never knew that how she really felt about my faith. She’s always been supportive, so this came as a shock. Has anyone had to deal with something like this? I held my tongue, but I’m kind of disappointed that it’s how she really feels, given that it’s Christmas and all.

Having faith in God is a hard concept for many people. She probably called you gullible to rationalize her own feelings (or non feelings) about believing in Jesus. Instead of acknowledging her own struggle to believe, it’s easier to call someone else naive or gullible to account for what they believe, especially if she feels (deep down) like she *ought *to believe too, but can’t seem to grasp her faith firmly.

Don’t let it get you down. Just be a good Christian example and maybe she’ll see Jesus through you.

It’s spiritual warfare, hon. Keep your head up. You’re doing fine. God allows you to be tested like this, because he knows you can handle it well.

Pray for her. Regardless of whether she believes, keep God first. She is uncomfortable believing in God and/or she has anger about Him.

Moms like to think they are more knowledgeable than their kids. That’s normal. She doesn’t understand and that’s all it is.

I’ve gone through this stuff a lot with my family. It helped to solidify my faith.

You can do it. Don’t worry. I’ll be behind you in prayer. :gopray:

Even though those were her words, it may not be what she truly believes. Possibly she was having a bad day, remembering painful events of her past and just lashing out. Perhaps on another day she would be more charitable and maybe simply unsure herself. Pray for her – for a more open mind and heart. There is always hope.

In any case, you are not “gullible” for believing.

BadTurkey, Count yourself as fortunate & Blessed (not in a cocky sort of way) for having to deal with things like these. Has anyone else ever had to deal with this? how about Jesus Himself for starters, how about all of the Apostles? Pilate looked truth itself right in the face and said “truth?, what is truth?” despite many miracles from Jesus and countless others by His Apostles, they were all tortured and killed. I deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis at work as well. I work with a hard core Atheist who is always trying to test my faith, and ends up saying some vulgar things about God in the process. at first I would try to dialouge with him, until it became very clear to me, that he was just arguing with me for the arguments sake. I try to just avoid this person now, and if I am around him, I try to switch subjects when he goes into the God attacking mode. sometimes God gives us the words, and other times patience, silence and humility are the keys we need. sometimes I think that God does more through me in certain situations when I just live a faith based life by example. P.S. always remember what Saint Francis of Assisi said, and I think that this quote can be applied to a situation like yours. the quote is as follows.

“We must preach the Gospel at all times, and some times we must even use words.”

God Bless you on your faith journey friend.

I am surrounded with people with these type of opinions they dont beleive etc… its their problem not mine my beleifs are my own so what ever your mam beleives just get on with your own. I am sorry that this has hurt you. You are in my prayers.

Gullible is when you take somebody’s word for it alone. Next time retort with the definition of the word and that it doesn’t apply since you’ve actually MET Jesus personally. She may make a disparaging dismissal, but you can then affirm that just like nobody can talk her into disbelieving in her mother, nobody can talk her into disbelieving in her Savior. Both are just as real.

Thank you for the kind words and prayers. They’re very much appreciated.

Hi BadTurkey
your mum doesn’t mean to hurt you.She simply doesn’t understand what you do.She doesn’t have the knowledge or faith you do.She is being a normal mum in worrying you are going through a phase and she probably thinks you will grow out of it.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you to show her by your actions of how much you love God and want to be as Christ-like as possible.
I certainly wouldn’t eneter into arguments with her.You did the right thing ignoring her comments.Yes, they hurt, but she is actually thinking she is protecting you from some phase you are going through.
As time goes on and she sees your wonderful example and devotion she will see for herself and be guided by you.God bless

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