Mom - soon-to-be grandma's Birthday


My mom’s birthday is coming up next week and I’m trying to wrack my brain for something to get her. I ruled out flowers because my dad always gets her flowers and no giftcards/clothes because that’s just not personal. It’s too late for me to do something crafty b/c we’re having friends come from out of town this weekend and I can’t gather my siblings up in time to actually work on something together (decided we’ll do that for Mother’s Day). I’m also due in April and could have this baby anytime, so I’d love to find something that incorporates the fact that she’s going to be a grandma soon (this is their first grandchild).

Any ideas? :slight_smile:


latest ultrasound picture, no she probably already has that
mom does not want you to spend money on her, she would rather spend money on you and the baby, maybe something to assist in her travel when she comes to see the baby.
call her she wants that the most.
I have told my daughters over and over there is nothing I need, and I don’t want them to spend hard earned money on me. What touches me are handmade gifts, especially those done by the grandchildren of course. One daughter does beautiful illustrated note cards (not now, she is expecting also and trying to finish her degree, I tell her the degree will be my present, the baby will be gravy). Of if they find a little token gift that reflects my interests–bird watching, Mexican culture etc. I enjoy it. they know I cannot use cosmetics and stuff due to allergies (one DIL sends expensive scented bath suds every year, which I am allergic to, and we do not have a bathtub).


Maybe the two of you could go get a facial or a manicure togheter then a nice lunch? There will be plenty of birthdays as a grandma, maybe make this last mom/daughter birthday a bonding day for the two of you.


girls day or night out would be a great idea, and a great tradition, we still do this whenever all of us (or any of us in 3 generations) get together, the guys know it is an inbuilt feature of an family gathering (just like the golf outing). this year it will be July, in Raleigh (DD is prego and does not want to travel) I am going to suggest an elegant lunch in the historic inn where she had her wedding reception.

when we get to Cleveland it is tea at the Ritz Carlton (don’t know if it is still there, we have gathered in other cities the last few yrs.)


Can’t help you for the Birthday… But for Mothers day one year my sisters and brothers and I made mom a handprint tee with all her kids handprints on the back (slapping her on the back) and all the grandkids on the front then we put the names and dates of birth next to the grandkids handprints. It was hysterical!!! We did fight over colors (for the grandkids) and since I lived in MI and my sisters and one brother in PA the other brother in NC we did alot of shipping it around to get it done.


Love this idea!

I would add this though…

Write her a letter. In it talk about how you feel about her as your mother and how you will use her example in raising your own child. It will be forever tresured by her!!! Just write from the heart.



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