Mom stabbed girl because of demon: police

WAUKEGAN | Woman claims she defended herself against 6-year-old daughter

A Waukegan mother claimed her 6-year-old daughter attacked her with a butcher knife because the petite kindergartner was possessed by a demon, Lake County authorities said Tuesday.

Nelly Vazquez-Salazar insisted to investigators that she was defending herself when she fatally slashed and stabbed her 51-pound daughter, Evelyn, whom she had grown concerned about in recent months because the girl had started sleepwalking, authorities said.

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Oh my! I was struck by the fact that the girl was stabbed for sleep walking. I sleep walk occasionally! :eek: There is nothing demonic about sleep walking.

As far as defending herself, the mother stabbed her child in the face! How the heck is that defense?

***The youngster’s throat was slashed and she had been stabbed 10 other times, including three times in the face, ***

Clearly this mother was suffering from delusions. No mother in their right mind would do that. Police reports say that the mother was not on any meds or drugs, and as far as the people close to her, she did not show any signs of abnomality. One of those bizzare cases that does not make any sense. She had recently suffered a miscarriage, and authorities are looking at post partum depression. According to the psychiatrist that examined her, he believes she is delusional and shows all signs of suffering from delusions. The child was not abused (at least not physically) and authorities had never been called for suspicians of abuse. Neighbors (of which they lived in an apartment with neighbors all around) had never heard anything out of the ordinary and in fact said she was a wonderful mom and she and the child had a very close bond. The whole town is in total shock.

I suggest that people pray for this mom. She will be needing all the prayers that she can get. Once she realizes what she’s done she will never be able to live with this. It would take a true miracle for her to ever be normal. This child is in heaven with the Lord. She had just turned 6 and not due to make her 1st communion until the year after next. There is a Funeral Mass scheduled. But the mom is just beginning her hell on earth.

Please pray for her.:gopray2:

Question: What if she was telling the truth and the girl was possessed?

Then she should have went to her priest.

When the girl was trying to stab her?

A 25-year old adult should have been able to defend herself against a 6-year old child without having to kill her. She managed to get the knife away from her. At that point the mother was no longer in danger of death or seriously injury. She could have restrained her or if that was not possible due to the demon’s strength, she could have just flee’d the house.

Leaving the child alone wouldn’t have been worse than killing her.

The absence of defensive wounds on the mother does seem to incrimate her…

According to newspaper reports, the child had been sleepwalking for the last 3 weeks to a month or so. Mom also said she had been talking in a strange language. The mom had been discussing this with the grandmother, ( her mother) and they had decided that she was possessed. The problem has been that the mom has changed her story a couple of times and no one seems to know yet exactly what’s going on. They of course do have the mom on suicide watch. It also has been reported that she lost her job (she was a single mom) and she had recently broken up with her fiance. She had friends but had no family in the area. (she is from Mexico) I don’t know if anyone will ever have all the answers.

All I know is that the Mom needs A LOT of prayers!

How do you know you aren’t barking at the moon at night?:smiley:

Its difficult to describe sleep walking in a way that others understand. When I sleep walk, my eyes are open and I incorporate my surroundings into my dreams. I often remember the episodes, hazily when I awake. In fact the act of sleep walking usually wakes me up mid way through it.

For example, once I thought that I had to jump over a opening in the ground to save myself. So I did and landed on the floor of my bedroom confused and with an aching head. It took me several moments to figure out what had happened. I dreamed that my bed was the cliff and jumped over the footboard. :eek: Another time I went to the bathroom because I dreamed that I had to get medicine for sick children and the medicine came out of the faucet. I woke myself up getting back to bed. Luckily I did not turn water on myself.:rolleyes: Because I sleepwalk with my eyes open, I was able to piece together in each instance what I did. I sort of have a memory of each episode. I would have a hazy memory of barking at the moon.:stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose that I could understand why someone might think that a sleep walker was possessed. But I don’t have super strength when I sleep walk. I don’t buy that this woman couldn’t control her small six year old child.

Normally, small children are at the age where they are sinless. When a person is possessed, they are usually in a state of mortal sin, they leave the door open for possession. Little children cannot usually fall into this category.

I wonder if perhaps the mother was. She might have been, and the demon was tricking her about her daughter.

I read a story where a father delivered his daughter to Satan. Could someone not have done something like that to a small child?

What if gravity didn’t exist?

Bla bla bla, she wasn’t possessed.

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