"Mom, Today I Became a Catholic." When a Teenager Became a Catholic

“A piece was missing in me. I had morals, good values that I got from my parents, but I kind of felt empty.”

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THANK YOU LORD for one more soul in the Church.


That’s wonderful to hear. May the Blessed Mother always unite Natalie to Jesus.

What did you think about the part where it says she goes “to adoration” (in quotations) in front of the altar where the writer described it as Christ being exposed in consecrated bread?
Or the part where it said the Church was losing members faster than gaining them? Or if she lacked love at home? Or why Catholicism? Plus a couple other things.

I’m glad she joined the Catholic Church but I thought the article was a little down on religion, particularly Catholicism.

How amazing is that! Praise God! :smile: :raised_hands:

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