Mom writes open letter to Obama after stem cell treatment helps daughter with autism

A young girl with autism has improved significantly after going abroad for stem cell treatment in Germany using her own Adult Stem Cells. The girl’s mother wrote an open letter to Obama saying in essence “Why can’t this be done here?” Good Question! Read the letter at Stem Cell Research

Because it’s not about a cure. It’s about the anti-life agenda engrained in liberal thought. If we found out that outlawing abortion would end global warming and save the planet, guess what wouldn’t be outlawed…

Can we now expect “Adult Stem Cell” advocates to be added to the “right-wing extremist” definition?

The embryonic stem cell fallacy is being promulgated by private individuals … scientists or not… who are raking in the big bucks of donations… and now Federal funds…

er… from us, the taxpayers.

There’s no reason at all that they would want to stop getting money even though it’s clear that there is already the solution afoot…

in other words… that adult stem cells ARE actually resulting in cures and valid treatments.


It’s also not about an “anti-life agenda” either. Contrary to what some want to believe.

It’s about big pharma wanting to work the cash cow of treating symptoms rather than finding cures.

You just proved it is about the “anti-life agenda”. By not finding cures, they are promoting death. In this case, it is euthanasia by inaction and complicity.

Not necessarily.

They’d like to keep you alive, by treating you, not curing you. :shrug:

Oh my…I do not believe this story at all…if this letter was written…the stem cell thing had nothing to do with her daughter getting better:rolleyes:…many autistic get better…

Adult stem cells have been proven time and time again to work. Where as embryonic stem cells have only proven time and time again to cause cancer or other illness.

Here is what Investor’s Business Daily is saying:


I will stick with my original premise.

They only want to treat the chosen.

Dr. Margolis,

I just checked all your past posts, and some of the replies. No one has asked any questions about you and your mission.

You’re 74 and over in China working in an adult stem cell clinic. How did you get there? What is your medical background? Do you see this more as a blessing for mankind or a good investment? Could be both, I have no problem with people making money from their ideas and hard work. Are there truly NO bad side effects from being injected with stem cells, even someone else’s stem cells (embylical chord cells)? What should the FDA do for the best benefit of the American people?

Also, what’s it like for a Catholic in China? Do you go to one of the National churches? Do you feel any pressure about your religion there?

Why aren’t other countries using adult stem cells. I heard that Brazil was most advanced in medical beauty treatments, why arent’ they doing the stem cell face lifts?

Embryoic stem cells research seems to be a good idea but one that has produce no fruit commensurate with the promises. It is a bit like atomic fusion, the utilization of whic goes beyond our capabilities.

I was listening to a priest on EWTN, the program was “The good fight” or something like that. He mentioned about how the scientist in Japan “reprogrammed” human skin cells to embryonic stem cells (read the article, it’s in there). Using THOSE cells would be okay for study, because it doesn’t kill an embryo.
Father was quite enlightening, because he went into how the stem cells were classified and how they “broke open” the embryo/baby to get to the stem cells.
Did you know that stem cells collected from umbilical cords were considered “Adult”?? Because they are already formed, or something like that.
I’ll see if I can find that link to the program.

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