MOMS: Fiance Concerns



I am interested in learning what concerns a mother might have when her daughter tells her that she just became engaged.

Feel free to mark more than one concern on the list and, if another concern is not listed, simply mention it in your post.

Thank you!


Will this man lead my daughter and their Children to heaven?


These questions sound like that test the priest gives a couple when they first meet with him in the parish. Make sure your child takes the test ( it is sort of a Catholic compatibility test ). All VERY important questions… I should dig mine up and see which ones stick out as most important.


How about “all of the above?” and what kage_ar said. If I had to pick only one choice, it would be the one about having good character, because that would incorporate most of the other things – being a good provider, responsible, faithful to the Church, etc. etc.


Honestly, the question I would have would be. Did I raise my daughter to be capable enough to have these concerns for herself by the time she comes of age?
I’m not trying to be snarky, it’s a very real concern that I would have. Because there is no amount of ‘looking out’ for someone’s best interests if she isn’t capable of looking out for them herself.

At our first appointment for marriage with our priest, he told us that he doesn’t deal with parents. If we are old enough to marry then we are old enough to be engaged without our parents holding our hands.
I totally agree with him.
It’s natural for a parent to have concerns and worries, but the biggest job is to help them think for themselves by the time they should be out of the nest.

Unless the future potential fiance raises big red flags in behavior then I would trust the daughter’s judgement. imho


These are not questions for after a woman is already engaged.

These are questions that are pertinent when she first starts dating someone.

And, these are questions she should ask herself and discern as she moves forward in a relationship.


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