Moms in Touch - anyone know about this group?

Several mothers in our community are starting a local chapter of a group called Moms in Touch. These Moms are not Catholic, but they say the group is for any “praying Mom”. This was in our church bulletin for the past couple of weeks. Is anyone familiar with this group? I went to their website and there were a few items that conflicted with my Catholic faith. I converted to Catholicism 20 years ago and love being Catholic. I would love to be in a Mom’s prayer group, but I am also aware that some of the differences between protestants and Catholics might make it less meaningful to me as a Catholic. If anyone has had experience with the Moms in Touch and could provide insight, I would appreciate it!

Also if anyone has started a Catholic prayer group for Moms, I would love to hear about it.

Dear Campfer,

We have moms in touch at our parish. The moms get together to pray for our students, teachers, school staff and the community. It is such a blessing to have this group and know that they are doing very powerful work with prayer. The group is totally Catholic and includes moms with students at both public and private schools.

We also have a very active mom’s ministry at our parish. The mom’s select a catholic book which may concentrate on maybe the beatitudes or discipline with children this depends on the interest of the moms and what they are in need of personally. They meet once a month, discuss the chapter and try and enrich their lives by sharing with other moms. We have 6 groups including evening groups for working outside the home moms and moms of special needs children. The women from my fist moms group had an incredible impact on my journey in my faith. I was getting many pushes from many places, some positive some contradicted the Catholic faith. When I decided to only seek out Catholic speakers, Catholic writers, Catholic faith formation the chaos and faith crisis ended, the cofusion lifted. Every once and awhile I found myself interested in speakers and writers from outside my faith and I learned a little but could better handle the words spoken that conflicted what I knew to be truth.

Good luck in your journey,


I am very familar with MITI and have been active with it in my childrens schools for 7yrs. i have 4 children in both public and catholic schools, and have found this such a blessing. to be able to pray for not only my child but the school and the staff and God’s protection and Spirit to fill that place is amazing. i feel very privilaged to be apart of the pray group. but like any group it depends on the leader and setting. we stay on a specific outline which prevents idle talk and since we are a mixed denominations group we only focus on our shared view. Our belief in Salvation thru Jesus Christ and His Word. An organized group who sticks to Praise-Confession(silent reflection)-Thanksgiving-Intercession.
I love The Catholic Faith, and I am very committed to teaching the precepts to my children. The blessing I personally have experienced in regard to my faith growing and my knowledge of scripture since i started leading a group years ago is wonderful. And another blessing is my kids “love” knowing that i meet each week for 1 hour, specifically to pray for them, their school, teachers and friends. they often ask me to pray for some of their friends that they are worried about, which is a special privalege.

I go occasionally, when I am free, as my neighbor invited me and helps lead it. Ours is run in a very Evangelical style - I know because I was one. The prayers are said in tha style, too. But I am interested in praying with other Moms about school, so I go.

Dr. Ray had some callers talk about this group today. From what I heard, it sounds like a great thing if the group is predominantly Catholic. If not, it runs into the problem of “not allowing” us to pray in our Catholic tradition, excluding the intercession of the Saints, etc. Why not go once and try it out to see how the moms in the group react to Catholic style prayer? One caller belongs to a Moms In Touch for their Catholic school, so they include prayers to the Saints and the Rosary :thumbsup: It seems to heavily depend on the individual moms in the individual chapters as to how pro/anti-Catholic the atmosphere may be.

This group is not Catholic. I do not know why Catholic schools embrace this messy and non Eucharistic prayer group. I participated for a few months this year and found it very difficult to continue. I found the “sharing” of concerns about your children led to gossip, and intrusive questions outside the prayer group…even though it was well intentioned gossip…so as "Oh did you hear about so and so? "

This group does not acknowlege the Eucharist, Our Blessed Mother, Sacraments or the Saints. There are thousands of beautiful devotions, Novenas, Chaplets, the Holy Mass, the Rosary…thesse are the prayers young Catholic Mothers should be using when they get together, increasing our faith. Mom’s in touch is evangelical immature knocking at he the door of heaven, because they are too uninformed to use the rich, powerful prayers of the True Faith.

Increase your knowledge about our faith and start a Rosary group befrore you do Moms in Touch. The Rosary will get you to heaven…Moms in Touch will get you an invitation to a luncheon.

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