Moms: offer your Mom's Day gift hints here


Hey, father of my kids and kids of mine:

I would like:

new Marie Bellet cds (you know mine are all worn out and scratched)


a new Donna Cori Gibson cd–I don’t even know what happened to my last one!

Plus, clean the house, do all the laundry, and pray a rosary for me!



My standard request for the past 17 years:
No cooking,no cleaning,no fighting (between the kids)!

Gifts are just bonus imo.


You covered my most wanted gift!


This is exactly what I want every year! I get it in varying degrees.


For me: renew my subscription to the National Catholic Register.

For my mom: we’re getting her a bird feeder for the back yard.


Oooh, I like the rosary idea!

I’m not a mom, but I always get my mom a photo calendar with all the pictures I’ve taken at family events over the past year. She really likes them.


I haven’t decided on a present yet for my mom. I think I’ll probably go clean for her. Her health problems make it difficult for her to clean.


haircut, manicure, & pedicure, then drinks with a girlfriend, and not hearing the questions, “when will you be home?” or “what’s for dinner?”

:heaven: aaaaaahhhhhh… that would be nice.


:shrug: If only my wife posted here I might have an idea what to get her:shrug:


I think we will go see Iron Man for Mother’s Day :slight_smile:


I always, and I mean ALWAYS, have to work Mother’s Day (busiest weekend of the year for cake decorators, tied for first with graduation weekend which is NEXT week AND my birthday!)

So DH and DS make dinner for me, get me cards and flowers, and let me take a nice long nap and a nice long shower (not at the same time!) before dinner and we have a relaxing evening at home (I even get a glass of wine because I always get Monday off from work!)

Doesn’t get much better!


Go get her, quick!


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