Mon. morn. Mass for Sunday?

My son just reported to me that his teacher from last year (a reliable source) told him that Monday morning Mass was an acceptable replacement for Sunday Mass. I have never heard this! His teacher said it was okay, as is Saturday afternoon.

This would be helpful for us because sometimes my son is with his father on a Sunday and then we have to drive a long way for a late day Sunday Mass, when we could walk to morning Mass on Monday. But I never heard it could substitute legitimately. Does anyone know?

The answer is a flat “no” unless Rome has put put a new rule that has not been promulgated to the public - as in, only to the teacher. Sunday is defined as midnight to midnight. Because of the issue of vigils, and the first Vespers of Sunday being Saturday evening, the Church has allowed the Sunday obligation to be exercised by Mass of Sunday on Saturday evening, but no such thing exists for Monday morning.

You don’t say how old your son is; nor how good a listener he is. Not to blame your son, but before you take the teacher on about this, you might want to approach carefully. As my mother would say, there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip; many people half-hear something and turn it into something that was never said.

Thanks, Otjm. It must be that my son heard it wrong. He said he overheard his teacher telling someone, which is different from telling the class. I told him his teacher must have meant he was too sick to drag himself out of the house that Sunday, and was comforted, for himself, in the school’s Monday Daily Mass.

No, it’s not. Not so reliable a source that teacher.

Thanks Brother Rich. I thought sounded too good * to be true. We will have to keep scrambling on those Sunday nights after my son has been with his Dad, at least until my son is old enough to convince his father to take him to Mass when he is with him. Also, I think probably it was a case of my son mishearing.*

Ah, but you are presuming it is the teacher.

It just might be that the child heard it wrong…

I could see where maybe the teacher suggested that, if for some legitimate reason, one couldn’t make it to Sunday Mass that it would be acceptable to attend Mass Monday to make up for it. Though, technically, if you legitimately can’t make it Sunday then you are simply excused and there is no strict need to attend on a weekday. Still, it would be a noble endevor to do so.

Simply based on the wording “…his teacher from last year (a reliable source) told him that…”

Actually, the reason saturday EVENING masses are acceptable is because in Jewish tradition, the start of the next day began at SUNDOWN of the previous day. Thus Saturday evening mass is completely valid as a Sunday Obligation fulfillment. By the same rote, Monday mass could not ever be considered to fall on Sunday, since according to both current and traditional measures, the Sabbath is over before Monday morning.

Originally posted by Eliza 10
My son just reported to me that his teacher from last year (a reliable source) told him that Monday morning Mass was an acceptable replacement for Sunday Mass.

Sounds like shades of the 60’s and 70’s to me!

It would be interesting to know the age of that teacher.

The OP related that his child said that the teacher said…

And a number of people immediately started questioning the orthodoxy of the teacher. I find that very very interesting; I read the very same post, and my first thought was to wonder if the teacher actually said that, or the child possibly got it wrong.

If the OP had said that the teacher was known for being a bit off base, perhaps I would not have reacted that way; but given the OP’s comment about the teacher’s reliability, and having had children, my first thought was not to question the orthodoxy of the teacher but to question whether the child actually heard what they related.

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