I have decided to discern whether if I want to live in a Monastery. I know that I won’t to go to college, the military isn’t really an option, and that I have a burning passion for Christ so I have started thinking about the possibility of living in a Monastery as a brother/monk. As to what order, I have no idea but that isn’t really an issue right now. Please ask God to help me discern whether this is what his will is for me.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction with your discernment.

My the Lord guide you to more fully know him and discern how best for you to serve him in this life.

I noticed your religion is Lutheran, so I’m wondering are u talking about a Lutheran monastery, or a Catholic monastery, or something else?

I will certainly pray for you concerning this. May I suggest you visit the Westminster Abbey in Abbotsford British Columbia? It is a Benedictine Monastery, and I had the opportunity to visit many years ago. I nearly entered the Abbey of St. Walburga in Colorado, but did not. They are Benedictine, and there was a grand spirituality about the community in general. Perhaps your Priest or spiritual director can help you get to Canada to visit the Abbey.

Pater Noster…
Ave Maria…
Gloria Patri…


Westminster Abbey is in Mission, BC.

I know there is a women’s monastery here locally, but I’m not sure about others.

Usually, in our communion, we retain a spiritual director, and start living a life of interior silence and conversion.

Here is a link regarding Benedictine Lutherans:

Perhaps the blogger can assist you?


I am going to be leaving the Lutheran Church and going to join the Roman Catholic Church.

Prayers offered.:thumbsup:

Thanks for mentioning my blog!

I would be happy to help in any way. I am actually working with someone else who is exploring the monastic vocation, and in addition to encouraging him to look at Lutheran monasteries (only one in the U.S.), I have also encouraged him to talk to the local Catholic diocese and explore that possibility.

I’m happy for you! Praying for you. :slight_smile:

Oops! I can’t believe I did that, other than the fact that I lived in Abbotsford for a while and visited Mission, BC and a Carmelite Monastery there. Which is close to the Westminster Abbey. It is beautiful, is all I can say. Very rainy, but beautiful.

I have to say, that at your age my mother asked me if I might be considering the priesthood.

“of course not!” I thought.

I’ve never found the role of priests to be personally interesting. They do what they do, fine. I have always been more impressed with the work of sisters and nuns.

Until I learned there were friars, monks and brothers: they’re doing the kinds of things that appeal to me.

Check out the Dominican charism: it is a call to evangelize in a sophisticated way, with study an important component, along with community.

Speaking as a fellow convert, I’m very happy for you! Canonically, I think you would have to wait to enter a community until two years after your formal reception into the Church. This gives time for you so that you do not mistake the initial zeal of conversion for a more founded zeal for religious life.

At this point, I would recommend the steadfast pursuit of holiness and the avoidance of all occasions of sin, seeking to live a holy Catholic life as a layman. Feel free to look into monasteries, read their Rules of life, and be in contact with them. Set up conversations with monks if you can to hear their advice on responding to God’s call. And always be willing to wait.

The Rule of St. Benedict says of a postulant that he should “he truly seek God, and [be] zealous for the work of God, for obedience, and for humiliations”. I pray that you will find joy in seeking God!

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