Monastic orders and citizenship


I have noticed some monastic orders, such as the Carthusians, don’t have monasteries in every country. Does anyone know if citizenship is required in order to join a monastery in a foreign country?

Many thanks for your assistance.

That’s going to depend on the the particular country’s own immigration rules.

In some instances, if you are accepted to the order, they will sponsor your immigration visa; if you are not accepted, no visa would be needed.


So what happens when one’s visa would expire, particularly in the circumstances that for whatever reason, the country decides not to renew it (ie: failing health, etc)? I know visas can cause issues with various societies of apostolic life that makes it not possible for some members to be denied a visa, requiring them to shuffle around other members. Unfortunately that isn’t really an option for monastic orders.

You might have to become a citizen of that country upon making solemn vows. I became Canadian while in formation with the OFMs.

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