Money? Appropriate gift for son's confirmation?


Hey everyone! :smiley: I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my last question about a confirmation gift for my 22 year old step-son. :thumbsup:
I have decided on what to give as a gift, but would like to ask if it would be appropriate to give an additional gift of money in his card?:confused: His father and I decided to give him a personalized keepsake box to hold his rosaries, patron saint medal, etc. We would like to give him something extra but is their an appropriate amount to give as a parent? Thank you and :blessyou:


1.) One that will not break your budget.
2.) One that will make him break- into a smile.

After that, it’s up to you, and the area where you live. I noticed that if I put what I consider “normal” for Northern Illinois in a gift card from certain places in Texas, I am considered overgenerous by about 30%.


we decided long ago on the same amount, since we have such big families and so many celebrations.
$50 for Confirmation or Graduation (gift card, usually to Best Buy where they can electronics or music)
$100 for wedding or new baby, usually to Target
$25 for first communion (kids are younger, don’t need as much, for my grandkids it is to Barnes and Noble because they love books, for other kids, it is Target)
$50 for shower, again to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or similar store, or restaurant gift card for a couple who is moving into an already furnished home.


As a young adult, I would say give him a check. He is old enough to decide what to spend it on. Gift cards, although very nice, restrict where you can use the gift.

I think this is very nice and thoughtful of both of you and I know he will treasure that box for a long time.


I think the key phrase is that it is in addition to the nice spiritual gift that you bought him. We get gifts, both spiritual and non-spiritual, on Christmas and Easter, why not on a momentous occasion like confirmation? :thumbsup:


Get a Visa gift card, that way the card can be used anywhere, not just a specific store.
Oh yeah, like $25-$30 would be appropriate.
And the box is a fab idea!


I was thinking a Visa gift card or American Express if not cold, hard folding money.


Hm, I’m sure I can’t be the *only *one who never received cash gifts for celebrating the sacraments! Aren’t God’s graces gift enough?

My parents always told my younger brothers and I this when we celebrated confirmation, First Communion, etc. Confirmation isn’t like Christmas, exactly. It marks the beginning of life as an adult Catholic, and it would seem to me at least that any gifts someone would receive should help them lead that life. I tend to think that money spent at Best Buy or on clothing isn’t assisting in the spiritual development of the person.

I know that compared to my friends, my post-Confirmation ‘party,’ which was really just a family get-together including a special dinner and dessert, and the gifts I received weren’t much. But it really showed me that earthly rewards aren’t the point of being sealed with the Holy Spirit, and I can tell you that every gift I received has affected me in some way in the past 8 years or so.

So why not opt for some good religious or spiritual reading, such as a good, challenging book by a Catholic author (Chesterton, Flannery O’Connor, George Bernanos, George Weigel, etc.) Or a small statue of their confirmation saint? Or a crucifix, scapular, or religious medal? There are so many more meaningful gifts to give besides money!

I see that you are already giving many of these already. Perhaps, then, in your card you could include a nice letter from the both of you about what Confirmation means? How proud you are that your stepson is taking this step in his life? I know it might sound cheesy or emotional or something…but I know that I cherish the meaningful letters I have received from my parents, the ones in which I hear their wisdom and feel like I have finally reached the point of a close adult relationship with them. Just a thought!



Will you adopt me? You are a very generous person.


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