Money for Seminarian

I was wondering if it is the right thing to give money to a seminarian as a gift for them to use to continue serving the lord ??? I gave money to bible students when I was presbyterian all the time…:bowdown:

Why not? Seminarians have expenses just as anyone else, and have little or no opportunity to take a job while pursuing their studies.

Many Knights of Columbus councils give monetary support to seminarians, and are encouraged to do so by the national organization. I believe such support is also promoted (as are vocations in general) by the Serrans.


YES! Just think of the good you’re doing by giving money to a seminarian. You’re practically sponsoring a future Priest, who could become a bishop, maybe even a cardinal! He might even become the Pope!

It’s not a waste, and well worth it.

Try adopting a seminarian. Send them occasional gift cards, a box of goodies around exam time. Take him out to dinner every once and awhile.

Giving to the Bishop with that intention?

You think I should give to the bishop ?? I would be afraid I would offend the man … He is soooo scary…

I think that Pfaffenhoffen meant to give the money to the bishop to give to the seminarian…I think:confused:

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