Money from Abortion workers

In my 27 years in busness I have always refused to do tax returns for anyone who had income from Planned parenthood or any other abortion provider(caused a couple of complaints with the State Board but nothing ever cae of it). I have begun wondering if it would be better to do the return and give the fee to a pro-life organization?

I admire your position. If you don’t decide to do their returns, good for you, I really believe that over the years you have likely caused some of those people to question what their companies are doing to innocent lives. If there isn’t an overwhelming reason or urge to start doing their taxes, stick to what you’ve been doing, it’s a good example for others too.

That’s very creative, Bob… and perhaps God will give you an insight about how you might pray for them…

For instance… I’m sure they don’t work for free… therefore, you might gain insight about their specific situation… and maybe you know doctors who might give them a job.

Either way…:thumbsup:

Or, you could say, “Normally, I don’t do taxes for people who work for…”, but I decided instead to go ahead and donate my fees to ________.


I have thought of that also.

You would be surprised to know how reluctant doctors are to hire nurses or anybody else who worked in an abortion clinic. Think about it. Would you want to turn your medical needs over to someone who used to help kill children for a living?

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