Money Issues


I wasn’t sure where this should go since its a money issue and a prayer request all rolled up into 1! If its in the wrong spot, please move it to the correct location.

I really could use some encouragement right now. I got paid today and once I pay all my bills, I’m only going to have $16.55 left from my check and payday is another 2 weeks away. I’m so discouraged! :nope: I try so so so hard to budget my money out and then I have to deal with this. My car is on E so after I take out $10 for gas I’ll only have $6.55 to last me until my next payday. I just don’t know what to do. Its starting to look impossible!! I was sitting at home last night writing out the checks and just crying and crying. I’m just at a loss about what to do…


You can find a way to pick up some extra $$ to get you through this next two weeks - have a yard sale, see if someone needs odd jobs done, call a temp agency.

Go to your local food pantry, St. Vincent de Paul center or whatever they have at the Parish. They are there to help, don’t be to proud to ask for help.

When it comes to next month, google “Angel Food Ministries” and find your local distrobution point. You can purchase a basket of food for $25.

Praying for you!


I’m sorry to hear that.

Do You have any lose change around the house? I once gathered all my changed, took it to one of those machines at the supermarket, and came out $20 richer.

DO NOT get one of those pay day loans. When all is said in done, you will owe more than 100% in interest.

You could sell items…

I know it doesn’t seem like much in terms of cashflow, but being proactive goes a long way.



Seek out financial counseling. Many Catholic Charities do budget, debt, and financial counseling. Or, look in your local phone book and make an appointment to go in to a CCCS office.

You may need to take a second job-- even babysitting on weekends can help-- for the short term.

You need to analyze why you expenses are exceeding your income. Cut where you can, but if you truly cannot cut any more then you have to seek more income.

As another poster said, don’t be too proud to ask for help from social service agencies. That is why they are there.


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