money question

I have a friend who goes to french classes once a week. his parents gave him 60 dollars for 2 weeks of classes. His parents did not know that one week was already paid for and my friend did not know about it. He pocketed the money for himself. Is there sin involved if so is it Mortal or venial?he wants to know

I would say venial sin, b/c the amount is small. If it were $1000, it would probably be mortal.

But, he should talk to a priest if it concerns him.

God Bless

Did your friend pay the first week himself, such that his parents are effectively just reimbursing him?

No he did not pay first week. his parents paid but did not realize

As in all cases of Sin or Not Sin, I need to start with a disclaimer. : Please note that I may very well be wrong. I often am. Ask my wife…

That said… I don’t think the theft is the biggest sin here… I believe the whole Honor Thy Mother and Father is much more to the point. I would encourage your friend to 1) go to reconcilliation and discuss this with a priest… and 2) go to his/her parents, return the money and apologize.

While # 2 sounds really hard and embarrassing, it will also make his/her parents very proud of them for owning up to the deed. (maybe… please refer to the disclaimer at the beginning of this post)

God bless

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