Money to visit a community

Does anybody know of an organization that helps people financially to visit religious communities for possible vocations? I would actually be surprised if this exists. I am a poor student living at home and, while I do have the means to live (barely), it would not really be possible in my estimation to afford a flight across the country. This is not some sort of being non-committed, but rather it’s a real concern.



I also need to fly a long way to visit a community. I am taking time off college and working, so the savings from that time off will help me get there. I will probably need to work some more after graduation to afford more flying and especially for the savings needed for (hopefully eventual) postulancy. It might add a year on to the time I have before postulancy but if it makes it possible, it’s worth it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

A person can work a temp job for a few days and have enough money to travel across country or across the ocean. Compare that to our ancestors who spent seven years as an indentured servant to pay for their trip to America.

I don’t know of any.There is a group,the Laboure Foundation,but they help those have been already accepted I believe.But you can google them.
I don’t know where you live or what country,but why not check out some of the religious communities in your diocese? They would be close by,and might be good communities you might like. They also may be looking for such a person as yourself.
You could take and drive there which would be far cheaper.Also you might be able to take the train there as well.You can get a Eurorail pass and go all over europe if that is where you live for example.
If in the US,you might get on Southwest Airlines website and check the airffair for the city the community is in. Do you write to them on a regular basis?Is that why you want to check them out?
As someone suggested,a part time job would help earn money for the trip and for school.

Try your local Knights of Columbus council. It helps if you know a Knight who would be willing to support your request. The KofCs support vocations through funding them. You could also try Catholic Charities or ask if your parish has a program for this kind of thing. Perhaps they would allow a fundraiser at the parish, sponsored by some parish group. Just some suggestions for you to explore. All the best to you in your discernment process.

Have you tried contacting the community you’d like to visit to see if maybe they could help in any way? Another option would be to check with your Diocese. I know some Dioceses have specific funding for this purpose, and it might be worth it to look into it. Also, talk to your priest/pastor about it. He will probably have many more ideas than we do, and he will be able to direct you to where you need to go. :slight_smile: Good luck!

There’s no organization of this sort, to my knowledge. There are only organizations that pay off student debt when you’ve been accepted to a community. I’m in the same position and was fortunate enough to have a kind, incredible friend who paid for my trip when I visited the Religious Sisters of Mercy in 2011. I’ve not been on a discernment retreat since then because of money problems.

Yes, the community (Norbertines of St. Michael’s Abbey) said they are unavailable to help. And I understand that.

Thank you

That’s a great suggestion. The Knights of Columbus do a lot of work and fundraisers in this regard. Also, talk to your parish priest, And take initiative. I’ve known that a lot of seminaries are unable to fund their seminarians completely, so they give suggestions to students as to how to raise money. You might want to contact some of them.

I look at it this way… if God truly wants you to go to an order he will provide you with the means. Ask him in HIS name and he will do it. If Jesus wants you to be in an order closer to your home then he will guide you towards that order. God is like a railroad. there are no steering wheels in a locomotive. They will still get to a major city. but they will get you there by THEIR way. I want a situation to happen in my life and I am letting God direct me so far so good. you don’t know where you will get the money to go. but it will come and there will be a way… maybe a priest or a nun from the order you want to visit might just happen to be in your area. That has happened. Just keep asking and trusting and oyu will get a way to go. It WILL happen and just need to wait (I HATE waiting as I am not a patient person by any means and the older I get the less patience I have) and things will materialize. They just will. God bless and look forward to it.

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