I have to admit it does help with one’s quality of life. That’s NOT to say, it buys happiness.
Anyway, when one is considering a career is it okay for that to be a factor? Is it selfish for that to be a major concern?

I would say that being successful is great, as long as it is understood that that success is a blessing from God. Tithing, although much more that giving money, is a good way to show your greatfulness. Now, greed is a reality that should not be taken lightly. In other words, never lose focus on Jesus and his Church.

God Bless

If one is a good steward of his money, then factoring it into the job equation is no problem.

All else being equal - if I could choose a job that pays $XX or a job that pays $XXXX – I’ll go for the latter. If I am choosing because I want to be filthy rich and indulge in every material thing my money can buy, I should probably go with the former.

Sheen and Unvs thank you for your replies, they are very helpful!

If someone is offering you more money for a job. Take it. It is how you value money is the concern. If you are going to be wise and support youself, church, family, and donate to causes. There is no problem with wroking towards a job with money. If a person is going to be a penny pincher and tight with their finances, then there is a problem.


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