Monica Lewinsky doesn't get key to the city, but instead Maureen Dowd calls her a 'predator'

how sad! i think Monica was a starry eyed young intern. that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be seductive, but Bill Clinton should have beeb the mature grown up in the room and set cleae boundaries. Monica proved how easy it might be to get close to the president and later blackmail him. Bill Clinton was clearly the predator.

I don’t see anything about Monica in the article.

giving Stormy Daniels a key to the city because of her part in the resistance or
resisr movement (which some liberals pretend they have never heard of before)
is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of. but considering it is West Hollywood.

(both the thread headline and link are good topics so I will comment on both!)

(maybe the OP meant to start 2 threads)

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