Monica Lewinsky shuts down J’lem interview



If they had an agreement, I don’t blame her.


I agree. She says she had already told the interviewer before the interview that a specific question that he started the interview with was off limits.


Good for her! The Clintons put her through enough. It is about time she stops them from stealing her narrative also!


The incident described in the article doesn’t look to be the Clintons trying to steal a narrative. They don’t appear to be active participants in this interaction. It only looks to be the interviewer not respecting the agreed upon boundaries of their interview.


Yes I understand this. They (namely Billl) are stealing her narrative indirectly. The interviewer is bringing up Clinton rather than what the interview was supposed to be about. Bullying! I remember when all of this came out about Bill and Monica. Monica was lambasted. I remember thinking then that this Girl will have this over her head for the rest of her life. That is all anyone will ever want to talk to her about.


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