Monks, brewing beer and evangelisation


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One popular and income generating industry of Monastries over the centuries has been brewing beer.

The beer brewing principle in this industry has been to keep the beer pure, the ingredients pure. Water, grain, hops,.

The fermenting bacteria has been closely guarded in rooms where the windows have been open to invite a blend of bacteria in. This bacteria has been carefully cultivated and preserved over the life of the breweries.

It’s also been a great industry to bring people in and chat about Jesus.

Here’s a few links

The Trappists

History of monks brewing

Having tried many global beers , I have to say some of these beers are quite special.


Vatican Issues Stamp featuring Martin Luther

Very cool.:beers:


I can vouch for La Trappe. It’s a Dutch Trappist beer. It’s very good, although I’ve only had the witte beer.

I would like to try the Belgian Westvleteren Trappist beer.


Some monks have the most awesome job.


they make great ale; i don’t think “officially” it is beer

anyway; it is way overpriced


Beer is hops water, grain, bacteria, ferment, mash, drain and go

Ale is one type of beer.

Our best in Australia used to be little creatures Pale Ale.


I don’t know where you are, but when I’ve gotten it it’s been in line with other imported craft beers.


I live in America, the vast majority of the beer here is water.


Lost Abby is good they have Judgement Day Ale, Ace Maria, Ten Commandments although I have only had Judgement Day.

It’s a raisin ale I don’t believe it’s made by actually monks but is inspired by them.


Speaking from a beer nation (ahem, germany) I need to say that it is very interesting to visit the old brewing places in the monasteries - some are museums today as they sold the beer department as it is no longer bearable for the monks in an industrialized market.
But, even if I like the modern beer, the original monk brewed beer wasn´t that strong as today, not as half. They often used herbs to make the beer more durable and a main reason for the consumption of beer was, beside the needed calories, the fact that it was less harmful than polluted water for the body.

A monastery here has “beer and faith” events where one can learn something about the brewing culture and learn - with a cold beer - something about christianity after :wink:


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