Mono and holy Communion


I’ve been reading a few threads about being sick and going to mass type to topics. This just popped into my head:

I had mononucleosis when I was younger. While I don’t have any symptoms, since it has been 15 years since having it, but I will always carry the virus. The virus can become active in my body, with me having no symptoms. I can pass it to people without knowing it. Should I avoid drinking the precious blood?


To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a recorded case of disease being passed through the use of the Cup. Any disease, including mono.

I trust Christ enough that He would not present something to us which could be dangerous. Having the flu bug might be cause to refrain during the time you are ill; but again, there has been no showing of any danger.



Never thought about the old mono reactivating! Guess I always assumed Jesus would protect His blood and His flock. Didn’t partake after a work related Hep C needle stick, though, until I got an all clear. :shrug:


Have you asked your doctor?


Asked my doctor what? I already know that I will always carry the virus and I know that it can become active with me having no symptoms.


You probably have to leave a lot of saliva behind, or the minister would have to forget to wipe where you drank from. And remember it’s alcohol so it helps kill germs and viruses.


I would personally refrain. I suffer from cold sores, and since I am contagious before symptoms appear, it seems kindest to avoid a communal cup.


Whether you could transmit mono by taking the chalice, of course.


This site will explain about mono. Apparently 90-95% of the adult population carries the Epstein-Barr virus and is immune to mono, which is why it is rare to see an adult with it. Both of my children had mono when they were teenagers, but a few years apart. My son was 12, and had a full blown relapse (which is very rare) when he was 16. My daughter had it when she was 15 or 16. It is highly unlikely that mono will be passed by a communion cup because most people have developed an immunity to it (which is why parents living with a teenage who has active mono rarely get it.) I think this article will reassure you and also make things clear about mono.

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