Was Zoroastianism the first monotheistic religion? If so, did they worship the same God that we Catholics do?


Zoarastrianism is not monotheistic. Classic Zoarastrian belief was dualistic. That is, it believes in two equal but opposed gods, one good, one evil.

More modern Zoarastrianism is, as I understand it, a kind of panentheism wherein the good god is seen as being an integrated part of the universe that he is continually creating. I am no expert on modern Zoarastrianism but I think I recall that it borrows heavily from a particular sect of Islam that was, at one time, itself heavily influenced by classical Zoarastrianism.

The “duality” found it’s way into Jewish thought after the Exile. “Satan” became more of a figure like Ahrimahn, Mazda’s “shadow figure”…while the “duality” is thought to be “equal” in many ways…good will one day win out, and evil will be vanquished.

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