My nephew told me that the original bible was Monotheistic and that God’s original name were according to some bible before the original names for God were Enki, Era or Enlil. Never heard of them. He claims that the first man on earth was Ea. He clams that Abraham tells us all of this in the bible, that God will not live forever, that heaven is here on earth or will be and that there are many Gods. He claims that in the beginning of the bible today that God tells you this when he uses the plural when creating the world in genesis. When he uses the plural he is not referring to Jesus but some other god because Jesus had not been born yet. He even swears that in some book way back that some other woman had the first baby on earth and that there is no such thing as the devil. I think he is extremely confused. I don’t know what book or bible this was he read but I sure would like to see it. Do any of you have any Idea what he’s talking about. He say’s God will not live forever and is not capable of doing everything.Please respond if you know of such a book way back when or anything he was talking about.


Yes, its called nonsense.

Its on him to support his claims, not on you to go searching the internet for some book that he claims to exist.


Your nephew is obviously getting into Sumerian religious texts. Those aren’t the “bible”.
Abraham left a religious family to follow the one God. The people Abraham left, and Abraham’s own understanding of God do not agree with each other. These two groups of people, however, did know about each other and argued with each other.

The problem you are going to run into is arguments about which text is “original” or “authentic”. There are many groups of people who want to claim that Abraham took Sumerian texts and “changed” them to make the earliest books in the bible and the “Sumerian” texts are the “originals”; but there is no evidence other than the stories in the bible having a lot in common with the texts from the Sumerians.

It’s just as likely, based on circumstantial evidence, that both Abraham and the Sumerians shared common stories and then edited the stories in their own ways for differing political reasons.

Your nephew appears to be following the path of greatest excitement for change … and not of reasoned argument. He appears to be quite susceptible to hype. Is there any realistic hope that your nephew will listen to you once you understand the stories he is talking about? Understanding these stories is not a simple task, and it will take you a long time.

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