Monroe, Michigan: Goodwill manager finds $43,000 in donated clothing, returns it


“I am really proud of those people at Goodwill,” the man said. “It makes me feel good there are people out there like that, especially in this day and age.”

The man plans to thank Gedelian and Pietscher in person soon.

“There aren’t many people like that today,” he said. “I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. In this world we live in, we need more people with morals like that.”

Crime, dishonesty, betrayal and plain bad human behavior is mostly what makes it in the news. In today’s ‘news’, for instance, there is Woody Allen’s alleged child abuse. It’s really nice and refreshing to read a little story about people behaving well.

In my own personal life lately, I have been suffering the consequences of people’s unethical and selfish behavior and it hurts. But, I do not become bitter, especially when I remember Lourdes. When I visited Lourdes, I was blessed with a spiritual experience. When I and the people who were with me shared the experience with the nuns, one of the nuns exclaimed: Oh, that’s just a spiritual experience. We have those all the time, what we do not get a lot of are miracles. Although, they still happen." The nun went on to share the latest miracle. At the time, I did not even know what a “spiritual experience” was so the nun had to explain it. It sure was out of this existence and a great blessing.

However, I also had a most beautiful experience that was very much of this world. I was captivated by the faith and devotion of the pilgrims. I was impressed by the magnificent structures built around what once use to be a pig pen. I saw the beauty and goodness of humans at Lourdes and how we truly are the children of God.

So, even in the most difficult personal moments or when I read about world affairs (the great injustices) and the usual bad news; I do not become bitter. I just remember Lourdes and the beauty I witnessed in humanity. Just thought I share this pleasant piece of news. :slight_smile: It’s nice to hear good news sometimes.


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