Monster storm can't keep massive crowds from March for Life


Washington D.C., Jan 22, 2016 / 01:36 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Despite weather forecasts calling for what might end up being the worst blizzard in over a century, tens of thousands flooded the nation’s capital Friday to support the dignity of life.

Rosalie Rwamakuba, a 20-year-old woman from upstate New York, told CNA that she wants “to march for those who can’t.”

“I’ve been wanting to come on the March for Life for a long time. I think it is a really important cause, because the value of life is nothing nowadays,” she said. “I think we should take a stand.”


Yet,not one local or major new outlet including online,TV newspaper,bother to even mention this monumental event.:(:mad:


The much maligned FOX did.


Check out video from the March for Life:


Here are two of the reports Fox News did:


That is good to hear!:+1:


That can’t be news of the other networks did not cover it. Maybe they made it up.:rolleyes:


They haven’t covered it in years.

Thank God for Fox News.




Apparently some of the buses heading back got stuck on the PA Turnpike in the snow. So today the stuck Marchers built an altar out of snow and a priest said Mass.


With the snow event this year Metro didn’t even have to make vague references to the Metro being crowded for no reason whatsoever.


That is wild! Where did you hear that? I hope it’s true!


Good Morning America covered March for Life for 14 seconds:


I found this: March for Life Group Stranded in Storm, Prays Mass on Altar Made of Snow


Thanks! :thumbsup:


According to a lady in a Facebook group my wife is in who’s there they had 200 people for Mass.


Fox News and ABC’s Good Morning America mentioned the March for Life. CBS and NBC stayed completely silent.


News outlets normally go wall to wall with coverage for storms like this in the east.

I’ll be honest, Im someone who has family members who are first responders. The idea that there are 10s of thousands (if that is accurate) who are out in this storm is irresponsible on the part of the marchers. It causes more problems than you realize.

It’s unwise to be out in this storm and puts a burden on our first responders.


Further burden is put on first responders by the fact that Broadway shows have not been canceled and, I believe, neither has Lincoln Center. I suppose the old saying “The show must go on” is true after all. Still, their marching in this kind of weather is admirable even if foolhardy.

BTW, New York is now expecting about two feet of snow. All the forecasters got it wrong: some said 6 inches, others 10 to 18 inches. They can’t call the weather and they can’t call the elections anymore!


That could be because - and I’m the only messenger here – after the mother chooses life and the baby’s born and she’s saddled with thousands of dollars in hospital bills (why is childbirth so blooming expensive? why is that never talked about at pro-life marches?), there’s a perception that many of those “pro-life” people stop being “pro-life” once the baby’s born. i.e., only pro-life for nine-months, then on to the next unborn baby to save.

What would be truly monumental would be affordable deliveries – a midwife or hospital bill of $300-$500, tops. Heck, most abortions barely cost that much. Why is childbirth so expensive?

The media also don’t want to give the appearance of celebrating those who would shoot up abortion clinics, like the guy in Colorado. Hence, the term “anti-abortion” getting used more commonly than “pro-life” because it’s not “pro-life” to kill already-born people to potentially save unborn babies.

That’s why. :popcorn:

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