Monster the "Satanic" Energy Drink?

Now, everyone has heard about the great mystery behind the pyramids and such on the US $1 bill, but have you heard about the alleged findings about the Monster energy drink?

A video surfaced on Facebook, with many simply laughing at the allegations… And here are some of the pieces of information they claim:

  1. The three lines which make the “M” are not joined, each are Hebrew for the number 6.

  2. There is a cross in the word below, and when you drink from the can it goes upside down, expressing Witchcraft.

Has anyone else heard about this? I’ve had it before, but never had this pointed out until today.

Monster energy drinks may be terrible for you, but they are not Satanic.

I know a guy who knows a guy who asked Satan: “Yeah. Those are my claw marks.”


Of course, Satan lied.

Of course he lied!

Everyone knows it was Bigfoot that scratched that M…:shrug:

Elvis told me. :wink:

It’s a sign of violence. It’s also dumb.


Three claw marks. That’s Wolverine.

That story made the rounds at least a year ago. Seriously doubt the makers put more tjought into it than claw marks…of course with the story about the teen who died from caffiene overdose…

Monster Energy Drink is about as satanic as Harry Potter.

Yeah, most people dismiss the subtle evil / illuminati signs which are designed in as nothing. They are so much a part of the media and culture, they are slipped into many areas of visual expression.

Once you begin educating yourself about them, it’s kind of like researching a new car. You start seeing them everywhere.

Hey, a Catholic should know that upside-downn crosses aren’t Satanic! Energy drinks, though, I dunno…

Some of the comments confirm their success at hiding these kinds of things in plain sight. Its amazing to me more people cannot recognize stuff like this, especially today!

I think all these popular energy drinks are just modern day snake oil, the manufacturers make all kinds of wild claims about them and they sell like wildfire. Im a field marketing coordinator at a large gas station/convenience store chain, and I see how popular these drinks are.

The primary ingredient is caffeine. I’ve mostly eliminated caffeine from my life. I found that it sometimes caused worry. Scripture tells us to not worry and to not have fear. Stimulants can give us some energy and a good attitude but they can also magnify small worries. I think fear takes us further from the Lord.

That’s right. Such symbols are not good or positive. The Culture of Death is subtle. As an Assistant Art Director, I’ve studied the use of symbols and if used (in)correctly, they do put thoughts into our heads.


Logan has better taste than to drink that stuff. It Is vile.

So true, and then you see the back of a $2 bill and it’s a bunch of fellas together with something on the bottom saying “In God We Trust.” I guess Thomas Jefferson would have been proud of that, lol.

The claw mark is the Hebrew number for “6”, sure enough.

But three sixes, side by side, has no meaning in Hebrew. The number of the beast is not six-six-six, but six-hundred and six-six.

So I think that people are seeing ghosts where there are none.

It is exactly as meaningful as the symbols found in the old Proctor and Gamble logo.

One of the good things about getting old is that you’ve see the same nonsense come around a few times and start to recognize it.

Oh yeah, I remember that. :rolleyes:

Yea, what possible reasons could a powerful group have for subtly influencing the public using little things like this? LOL

Wouldnt it be incredible to be a fly on the wall of the main meeting center at Bohemian Grove?!!!

Incredibly boring perchance. The idea that Monster energy drink is part of some Satanic conspiracy is amusing, predictable and in line with the nonsense that is part and parcel of conspiracy theory but vaguely amusing all the same. It is simply over price sugary junk.

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