Monsters vs Aliens (my gripe)

Our family just watched Monsters vs Aliens last night. I am left wondering why the writers thought it would be okay to put some of the inappropriate one liners/scenes in a childrens movie? I understand that in some of these children movies these one liners are for the adults and will more then likely go over most children’s heads but, in this movie it was more obvious. There was a line where one of the monsters thought that the girl giant (main character) was a boy because of his boobies. My eight year old son looked at me right away. There was a scene where a HS couple where at a make out place, where the girl was trying to get more from her date, he didn’t want to and she was very angry with him for not going all the way. These two scene were not necessary to the movie and should have not been in it they were, in my opinion not funny and in very poor taste for a children’s movie.

Don’t get me wrong the over all movie was okay but it just boggles my mind why the producers feel they have to put in these horrible and useless scenes?

producers insert this gratuitous stuff that does nothing to further the plot or story in order to gain a tougher rating, because they think PG or PG 13 does better at the box office than G. As long as parents prove them right by buying tickets and DVDs for these movies, the producers will continue to go where the money is.

We saw it during a a Free Showing of the summer. I wasn’t impressed.

I’m always amazed at the inappropriate content in children’s movies.
Did you see Batman Dark Knight? I remember they were advertising for that on KID’S channels! I’m a big fan of the movie, but there is NO WAY I would let my children see it.

That is NOT a kids movie! OMgosh! No way. I love the movie, but no way would I let my 6 and 5 year old watch it.

Go to Stephen Greydanus at Decent Films Guide. He has been interviewed on Catholic Answers Live several times.

I let my kids watch movies like that.I’m a big fan of horror movies and i use to let them sit there and watch them. Hasn’t done them any harm. The oldest has just joined the police force, one is going into medical school. The next two have big plans on becoming a lawyer and a vet. My youngest wants to be a predator (from the alien v predator movies) They aren’t dark and disturbed. O wait…One wants to be a lawyer, maybe those sorts of movies do have a negative effect on them.:eek:

My 6 and 5 year old cry during Bambi and Little Princess. So, no. They have tender hearts. They can wait a few more years. I didn’t mean never, I meant just not now/yet. :smiley:

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