If a parish church cannot afford a monstrance, but has a luna holder in which the Sacred Body is held (form of a host), is there any other way possible to expose the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration and Benediction?

From what I understand, the Blessed Sacrament can be exposed as contained in a ciborium placed on a altar and can also be exposed by leaving the door of the tabernacle open.

One day I saw the set-up the pastor had made to accommodate those who wanted adoration in his absence but didn’t want to place the luna in the monstrance themselves. The luna was propped up and taped to a styrofoam cup and left in the tabernacle. The tabernacle was open for adoration.

I mean, really, couldn’t the pastor have given permission for the sacristan to insert the luna in the monstrance and allow them to have proper decorum??

I think the option suggested in the second post is quite - exposition using the ciborium. I think it’s somewhat better than the other solutions because it preserves reverence the best. Unless there is a pastoral reason, which is people wanting to see the Host. Exposition using the monstrance has become the most common and that’s what people always associate “Exposition and Benediction” with. Especially in the USA, where even “before Vatican II” when permission and a special cause was needed to have Exposition in a monstrance, the US had faculties dating from the time when it was mission territory , enabling such Exposition to be carried out frequently.

As others have noted, exposition for adoration in the ciborium is permitted, so I would not be surprised if the lunula is likewise.

However, I have never witnessed benediction except with the monstrance – Is benediction permitted with other vessels?


Yes, with a ciborium.

Using the luna by itself would be fine–so long as it can be arranged in a dignified way.

There are also some very inexpensive monstrances out there–some because they’re simple, and some because they’re made from less expensive materials. That might be another route for the parish to try.

Yes, my parish regularly has Solemn Evensong & Benediction with the veiled ciborium. It’s quite lovely, although my personal preference is for the monstrance.

I can understand the idea of some Catholic Churches being poor and not able to purchase a full size monstrance. However; there are presentable inexpensive small chapel monstrances about six to eight inches high under $500.00 that would reverently hold the lunula.
Using a styrofoam coffee cup to prop up the lunula would not be my idea of a respectable choice.
If no monstrance was available it would be more appropriate if the lunula was contained inside a ciborium as someone else suggested.

Perhaps this is a call to those whose parish does not have a monstrance, to start a fundraiser specifically for one. I understand that even $500 or $600 is a lot of money for a budget teetering on the red, but if 50 families could chip in $10 the thing is done!

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