Montana Judge Rules Doctor-Assisted Suicide Is Legal,2933,463069,00.html

This seems to be a fairly small article for something that I think is a major development.

Another success to the humanists.
A precedent is now created.
A crack to open the floodgates one fears.

HELENA, Montana — A Montana judge has ruled that doctor-assisted suicides are legal in the state, a decision likely to be appealed as the state argues that the Legislature, not the court, should decide whether terminally ill patients have the right to take their own life.

The state attorney general’s office had argued that intentionally taking a life was illegal, and that the issue was the responsibility of the state Legislature.

Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Anders had argued the state has no evaluation process, safeguards or regulations to provide guidance or oversight for doctor-assisted suicide. The state also said it was premature to declare constitutional rights for a competent, terminally ill patient because the terms “competent” or “terminally ill” had yet to be defined.

Fairly sound approach by the state, and hopefully a return to sanity via appeal. Funny how the courts, though, have no use for such “details”. It’s their brave new world now.


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