Montenegro's gay pride march sparks violence


In a survey by several local researchers last year, 71 percent of Montenegrins said they thought homosexuality was an illness and 80 percent said it should be kept private.

The powerful Orthodox Bishop Amfilohije Radovic had asked the organisers of what he termed “The Parade of the Shameless in Podgorica” to cancel the event.



Well, I suppose its a small step above what he used to call gays.


I wonder if this wasn’t organized by some outside Western influence. :rolleyes:


I condemn any violence against homosexuals. However, I also condemn gay pride marches. To me, it is only a way of condoning gravely immoral same sex sexual activity. Some may see it as a way of fighting for more rights within the homosexual community and homosexuals do have rights. They have the right not to be subjected to violence or unjust discrimination. However, they do not have the right to “marry”. God gave us all of the rights that we have and God has never given two people of the same sex the “right” to “marry”.


Homosexuality being an ‘illness’?! No – Every adult person is responsible for his or her personal actions. Which means that a decision is being made which results in individual actions. A person can be Strongly Tempted to decide on a particular action – but the temptation is NOT the problem. Following through With the action is the problem. Older teens and adults have the ability to ‘just say No’.
And I would agree that a person’s private sexual activity Should be kept Private. It is between that person and God. And God’s plan started with Adam and Eve / No Other Combinations. In fact – His Word tells mankind twice that men are Not to lay with other men Nor women with other women the same say that a man and woman ‘lay together’. Once in Leviticus and then in Romans.
I’m not surprised that the gay pride march sparked some violence. But I’m NOT in favor of a violent reaction. We DO need to take a Positive / more Vocal stand For Biblical Morality / Traditional Biblical Marriage.


Well said


Such pride marches are seen as a test of Montenegro’s commitment to human rights as it seeks to join the European Union.

Indeed. Montenegro and all other U.N. countries are going to face a challenge regarding ongoing discussions of LGBT rights and the larger scope of human rights as the U.N. has defined and codified this term.


The phrase “traditional Biblical marriage” might confuse people a bit, due to all the polygamy throughout the Bible. So I’ll just say male/female marriage.


“VLM” – Traditional Biblical marriage has Always been between one man and one woman. From the beginning when God joined Adam and Eve in the first marriage. If it had been God’s plan from the Beginning for Adam to have two or more wives, He’d have formed at least a few more Eve’s From the beginning – don’t you think?! But God also created mankind with freedom of choice. And because of Satan’s influence in this world, Society ends up allowing Lots of variations in God’s intended plan. And Some of the cultures Do allow for concubines but Only if the original wife Can’t have children. And Some Biblical men Did have a couple of wives or more – even when they Could have children. Originally God didn’t allow for divorce. But, due to the hardness of their hearts, allowed Moses to give ‘rites of divorce’. Solomon ended up with hundreds of wives and concubines and in the end it was one of the extra wives that brought him down. He gave in to forsaking God for a foreign ‘god’. This country has been split on legalizing same-sex marriage. There are those who simply want to make a political ‘statement’. Have you noticed that polygamy is one man with at least several wives – NOT one woman with several husbands. Wonder why?! There have Always been people wanting to get Around God’s way of doing things - Just Because.


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