Monthly Magnificat


Does anyone know if the monthly Magnificat publication contain the daily LOTH?

Thanks and God Bless!


No, only an abridged and unofficial extract of it (parts of morning and evening prayer).


It has a short morning prayer and evening prayer with one psalm or canticle and a short reading. It also has a night prayer for the month.


Does it contain everything for a Deacon to fulfill his MINIMUM Divine Office prayers?


I assume you’re talking about permanent deacons, since I believe transitional deacons are bound to the entire LOTH.

In either case I would think not, since what is in Magnificat is, as OraLabora said, an abridged and unofficial extract. I cannot imagine, for example, that it would be acceptable for a deacon to pray only part of Morning Prayer (Lauds) or Evening Prayer (Vespers). With Magnificat, that’s what you get. Plus you get other stuff that isn’t part of the office. I just compared what’s in Magnificat (French version) for Morning Prayer today (All Saints) to what’s in my breviary (volume 3 of four-volume French LOTH), and the only similarities I see are the Canticle of Zechariah and the Intercessions. The Psalms are different in text and quantity. The hymn, reading and concluding prayer are all different.

Also, Night Prayer in Magnificat is the same for the entire month (as pointed out by marytk) whilst in the the breviary it follows a weekly cycle.

As an aside, could someone enlighten me as to what the minimum requirements are for a permanent deacon in the US, as established by the USCCB? I live overseas. Where I am all permanent deacons have the four-volume set so I imagine the requirements here are quite extensive.


I love Magnificat and we’ve been using it as a family for years. But it is not the LOTH - some days are the readings don’t match at all and it doesn’t have all the hours. If you have an obligation to say the LOTH (in whole or part) using the Magnificat isn’t the same. For an ordinary lay family like mine, it is a great resource.


See Divine Office. I think they have everything you need both print and audio. They have downloadable apps in several forms. I chiefly use the online Office of Readings; so am not familiar with all the possibilities.


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