Monty Python and the Holy Grail

What do you think of this movie? I find it hilarious, but parts seems irreverant to say the least. Is this ok for Catholics to watch, in your opinion?

My husband is as serious a Catholic as I know, and he LOVES this movie!

You think Holy Grail is bad? Look at the scene about the Catholic family in The Meaning of Life. “Every Sperm is Sacred” always gives me a chuckle, and DH and I joke with each other about it. And DH will sometimes name off two or three of our kids and tell them we’ve had to sell them to the research lab. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s OK to laugh at things that poke fun at Catholics. As long as it’s in good fun… let’s face it, there’s a lot of fodder for humor in our Faith!

That’s how I view it, as somewhat harmless as long as you are strong in the faith, and see it for what it is, silly spoofs.

:thumbsup: This is the right attitude.

I’ll never forget the comic I saw who talked about having to fast before Mass, and being starving the whole time. He said he wanted to grab the bowl of hosts from the priest, get a spoon, pour some milk on it, and have some “Christ Chex.” I about died laughing. I know some people will be horrified by that joke, but I just love it. At least in acknowledges the Real Presence! :smiley:

Mel Brooks as the waiter, holding his tray behind Jesus’ head in “The Last Supper.”

That’s History of the World, Part I, right? Great flick. Wonder if he’ll ever do part 2?

Sounds like Dane Cook…have you ever heard his Catholics vs. Atheists bit? Classic.

The previews about Hitler on Ice, the Viking funeral, and Jews in Space were part of the joke in the title.

Truly, many of their jokes were aimed at the Church of England…which should only make them funnier…like “Church Police.”

Sorry for being ever so slightly off-topic.


One of my favorite movies of all time. :thumbsup: :cool:

There is nothing wrong with it. It (loosely) goes into the King Arthur legend, which has nothing wrong.

Now Life of Brian may ruffle a few more feathers (though I still like that movie alot, good satire, but not as good as Holy Grail, too slow).

Life of Brian is great too. It doesn’t make fun of Jesus or Christians, but rather, the Jewish and Roman cultures of the time. It has some hard language and a brief full frontal nude, ugly woman, but other than that, it’s hilarious. The Pontious Pilate scenes are the best.

It gets in some pretty good digs at the Jesus Seminar, too. “Blessed are the cheesemakers?!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Movie!

only for Catholics under the age of 17 who are of the age group most receptive to its level of humor.

Hey! I was 19 when it came out back in 1975. I thought it was hilarious then, and I still do today. So “ni” to you! :smiley:

Great Movie. By the way - as a previous poster stated - Dane Cook’s bit about the atheist is hilarious.

Love it as much today in my mid-30s as I ever did. So may I add ‘ecky ecky ecky p’tang zoot boing!’

I was 27 when it came out. I still laugh at this movie.


At age 47, must respond by commanding you to chop down the largest tree in the forest with…a herring!!!

I’m 73 years old, and usually dislike slaptick type comedy. But this movie was so brilliantly done, that it is an all-time classic…Roanoker

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