Moonies Marry, 40,000

Love’s in the air in S.Korea
40,000 people…:eek:

(sarcasm on)

Well, gee, at least the Moonies are “pro-life” and they publish the Washington Times newspaper, which Catholic groups like American Life League and the Catholic League have patronized in major ad buys, so hey, leave 'em alone…

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THey’re still around? Who knew? :shrug:

Whenever I see this…my heart drops. Granted marriage is wonderful, but when they do it this way, it just mocks the gift of a good marriage in my opinion. More reasons to pray.

not sure if the right thread to ask, but is mass marriages not allowed in Catholicism?

It seems that they happen.

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I thought defense of marriage should be defense of marriage…! It seems as Catholics we spend so much time defending marriage from gays that very few (if any) Catholics defend marriage from cultists having their “mass weddings” that make a mockery of the sacrament of matrimony.

Is it “taboo” to defend marriage when it’s under attack by the Moonies, or can we only defend marriage when it’s attacked by gays? Where’s Bill Donahue and his Catholic League on this? Why isn’t he on Fox News defending marriage? :confused:

i want to ask first because this also happens in the Philippines. but not a widespread practice. but a parish priest i once encountered had this concept of a mass wedding for the poor. he does it for two things, one is that most poor people can’t afford to pay the church fees to cover the expenses for a wedding (electricity for the church among other things). second, and because of the first reason a lot of people have resorted to not get married just because they can afford it. the mass wedding is a solution that the overhead expenses can be easily absorbed by the church and service several couples at the same time.

i guess this makes sense given the Philippines is 80% Catholic, overpopulated, and a third world country.

the priest even went on saying at least the couples wouldn’t have to continue living in sin.

the Unification Church’s aka the Moonies marriages operate on the notion that marriages
are primarily an economic union or a means to have children. It sees relationships as defined on the basis of economic dimensions on which social-sexual relationships would be based and defined. I don’t believe the Catholic church has that concept of marriage at all. It lifts marriage as a sacrament of one man and one woman in a convenant relationship with God as their center. There is a big difference albeit children are hopefully are a big part of the marriage bond. If there are multiple weddings taking place together to help ease the burden placed on the poor, that is totally another story. These marriages are based on love as Jessuu is the bridegroom married to his bride, the church.

Let’s hope that even some of these Moonie marriages becomes fruitful and not coerced.

Um…the Philippines isn’t a “third world country.” Talk-radio broadcaster Art Bell (a Catholic convert) moved there. When he moved there, he raved about how much more stuff the dollar would buy. If the Philippines were a “third world country,” Americans wouldn’t be moving there for retirement or whatnot. That makes no sense. :shrug:

i know its a third world country because i come from there

the dollar buys more there because the country is poor. therefore it is third world.

americans move there because of the warm tropical climate, great beaches, and mostly english speaking people who are friendly and warm. but thats not what is measured in a country being third world or not.

This is the general description of a Third World Country from Wikipedia:

The Third World is the majority of national powers on the planet. These countires represent a modern society, but in the process of potential development as recognized continental representvies of the world community today. The majority among this group, comprises of many moderatley wealthy, but militarily effective governments. To include to this, many Third World nations (especially in Africa), are affected drastically by political problems, or bad geographical conditions, such as droughts and non-fertile soil. These problems are not the least of it in some Third World countries. Famines, shortages, regional wars, and etc., have all caused much instability and no hopes of restoration in the public in Third World nations. Today, the First World, and the Second World, come forth to bring aid and civil support to bring about strong foreign relations, and bring them into any of their collective orbits’. Superpowers, whether asked or self-intended, charitably feed their resources and benefacted commodities to these types of Third World powers, as a form of idealistic friendship. Many members of the Third World state of national powers, are of course nonaligned with any global significance (like the United States of America), and squander on their various economic or political concerns in regional affairs.

i’ve highlighted the statments that describe the situation in the Philippines
some would argue that the Philippines is already second world but it depends from the perspective. if you go to the capital city and the metropolis that surrounds it, it is well developed and a lot of people earn a lot of money. but still over half of the country is under the poverty line and most of these people are in rural areas. although there is also a significant number around the metropolis living in shanties around dump sites, water ways, and even on open land both private and public they decided to just occupy,0,488002.story?page=2

If you read into this Tribune article. One young woman with tears streaming down her face, said she was too young to be married and was forced into it. Another young man named Choi had some serious misgivings to this arranged marriage as well.

More reasons to pray for these people.

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