moral absolutes

Does the Church still teach that there are ‘moral absolutes’…given some of the ambiguities in much of what comes from the Vatican of recent one wonders, in particular with questions regarding one’s conscience. Also with respect to approaching the Sacraments . , can anyone share feelings with me regarding that seemingly taboo subject (Amoris Latitiae")…and the Holy Father’s obvious disregard for his Prelates request for clarity. I I am just a confused Catholic seeking someone who can make me feel more comfortable about the supposed Non-Crisis in the Church…Pax tecum

Yes, moral absolutes are a part of the teaching and doctrine contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the ten commandments ‘which no one can dispense from’ and which has been the teaching and doctrine of the Church for millennia.

You ain’t the only one. :wink:

But as a wise man once said (I forget who) the truth is the truth, even if no one accepts it.

All Amoris Laetitia does is use some ambiguous language in an attempt to regulate a wide-spread malpractice in many parts of the Church.

I strongly suspect it will be “clarified” some time in the near future, just as “Dominus Iesus” “clarified” the dubious interpretations of the Vatican II documents regarding salvation. :slight_smile:

For the rest, pray, hope, and work if it’s within your capacity (as catechist, priest, deacon, Catholic journalist or writer, etc.) :slight_smile:

The “apologists” have gone out of their way in trying to defend and explain the writings of that which must not be spoken (AL). And in doing so, I believe they seriously damage their own credibility and end up looking foolish. There is no clarity. There is no comfort. There is no feeling better about this thing. Yes, the dubai continues to be ignored.

I believe we are witnessing the prophesy Our Lady of Fatima spoke of. If you listen to the teachings of Christ and of Christ’s Church, there are moral absolutes. If you listen to Francis, there is chaos and uncertainty, confusion and division. As for the “non-crisis”, ignore the pink elephant in the sanctuary, and live what the church has always taught.

(And don’t let anyone tell you are a “bad Catholic” or “anti-Pope” for questioning and doubting and disagreeing.)

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