Moral advice plz

So some of u may be aware that certain companies have been reported to use the cells of babies in cetaim products. Should I warn someone if they are using/consuming a prodyuct belonging to a company that may have used this evil??

No, because no such products exist.

"neither Pepsi nor any other U.S. company is actually manufacturing or selling any consumable products that contain material from human fetuses"


Don’t deal in rumors

Nothing on a consumer level will be contaminated in such a way (the FDA would have an almighty paroxysm if it were to happen) however there is a possibility that some medical treatments may be based on or developed using immorally acquired biological material. That said, it would be practically impossible for the end user to know, or to be expected to know, given the expertise that would be required to be able to know for sure.

All in all, I would recommend not worrying unduly about it.

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