Moral and ethical dilemma at work

A while ago I posted that I was brought into a company to replace a manger that had not stepped down yet. She has and works under me. She is resentful about this and will not take direction from me. -I communicated this to my manager.
The person who stepped down is very relationship strong, and has friends in the human resource department.
Even though she was a manager before, she now pretends she cannot do anything. And was never trained. I also work within this company for a major vendor, who stresses positive feedback etc.
Needless to say, she has been reporting me to human resources for being too nice and not managing.
So the other day, my day off, I had to take some back pain medication and a muscle relaxer for picking up something heavy and twinged my back. This same day as I was fuzzy from medication, I received a phone call from her and did not realise that there were multiple lines attached to the call. She said she was calling for enCouragement. So I gave her encouragement. Normally, without medication I would not have taken this call. After I hung
up there were 3 icons of phones attached to the call, as it was listened in on.
I have already e-mailed my manager to let her know I knew and was upset that this call came without my knowledge, and I was on medication. This call was obviously planned by :uman resources, with who else knows on the extentions. They tried to wipe it from my phone, but my tech savvy son caputred and saved it.
What is my next step with this-be bold and approach human resources or let the chips fall–
The purpose of this call was to prove I was not a good manager, as I did not adress her behaviors that were not in line with the company. She is using all of her relationships in the company to bring me down, as I am fairly new.
What do I do? The call came on my day off.

There isn’t much you can do at this point. Talk to whoever is over you to see about putting an end to this behavior. You shouldn’t have to put up with it. If nothing else, seek a job elsewhere, this is putting too much stress on you. It isn’t a healthy place right now, and without changes it won’t get any better.

Is this a larger company, that would have a higher level of human resources than the one at your location? Failing that, any level of management higher than your location?

This seriously needs to be addressed. In addition to trying to hide from you that there were additional people on the call, is it normal for you to receive non-emergency calls on your days off? Are you on salary or hourly?

Speaking as a long-time HR person, this reeks.

There is only one human resource person, who is friends with my subordinate. It is not typical foe me to receive non emergency calls. I am going in to work today to see the fallout.

To whom does the HR person answer? Perhaps you should consider going to them?

… Also, why would they get on to you for encouraging your subordinate? Isn’t that what a manager is supposed to do?

I suggest you go back and read the post I wrote on your original thread about taking this position.

My advice is the same: you cannot overcome this. your coworkers and subordinates do not respect you or trust you. those who are friends with this woman do not like you. the upper management in this company failed to deal with a personnel issue in an ethical and straightforward way and instead brought you in as a replacement before terminating this other person. now i see they did not terminate her but demoted her under you. even worse.

You will not be able to overcome the management and culture deficiencies of this company. If you do not leave, you will simply be back here posting again in a month about the same unbearable issues.

While I agree with this, the economy may not allow for an easy transition from this job to another; the OP may simply be unable to leave for a while, in which case they should probably take a much more proactive approach with the upper management. This woman is making it nearly impossible for the OP to do their job, and so the upper management should do something about it.

Isn’t it illegal to record someone without their knowledge?

I would contact an employment lawyer and discuss this with him.

That depends on the state.

In Texas, for example, it is legal to record a conversation in which one of the parties knows it is being recorded. In some states, it requires consent of both parties.

For some reason I was under the impression the OP was not working when she was asked to take this job. But, perhaps I am mistaken.

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