Moral Dilemma, need QUICK help!

Hello! I have a small question about what is right to do in this scenario.

I host an online gaming community similar to a D&D group, but we’re playing a different game. I’m planning on hosting a session tonight, and many of our usual participants have said they’re able to join!

However, our most active member, we’ll call her May, is grounded. Her parents are banning her from using electronics after 5 PM. My session starts at 7:30 PM. May has said that she plans on sneaking onto her computer to join… I told her I didn’t want her to do that (she’s not Christian), but she insists that that’s what she’s going to do.

Would it be sinful if I still hosted our session regardless, knowing that May would participate…? What should I do?

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Do you want to be the friend whom your friend’s parents trust?

We can’t give a teen advice that is to disobey parents, so, just think about my question.

It’s just an online friend. I don’t know her in real life :smiley:

Technically, you wouldn’t be responsible for her deciding to disobey her parents.

Personally if it were me, I wouldn’t host it. But it’s up to you.

Then remember the ways we can participate in the sins of others.

It sounds like you’re able to be flexible with the hosting,maybe just reschedule…you have nothing to loose and your friend will learn from it (perhaps the others too)

Don’t let Mary play if it means helping her disobey her parents.

Since you’re hosting, is there some way you can block her from the game?

It’s a plot related game, and also, it’s technically her server…

If you can’t block her, then your choice is to play or not play.
If she’s disobeying her parents then I think you should choose to not play.

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My dilemma is that there are other players as well, who are not disobeying their parents.

i think i am going to have to go ahead & disagree. “May” is old enough to know the difference between right & wrong. If she chooses to defy her parents, that is on May, not OP. OP is not doing anything intrinsically morally wrong.

what is OP supposed to do? shut down the website that others enjoy?


This is one of those good of the few or good of the many scenarios.

OP is not responsible for “May”'s defiance. Let the games begin.

Her parents will be able to easily detect that she has been disobedient & take appropriate countermeasures…

this is akin to an “old enough” minor who has tickets to a professional sporting event; should we question whether the “event” should commence simply because the parents have forbidden their progeny to go?

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Then don’t play.

i was just thinking that

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And there’s also the possibilty that others sometimes defy their parents to play, and jusy don’t say anything about it. This is probably something that can’t be well -policed.

You’re not your friend’s keeper.

yes it can be well policed; the parents need merely to check out their daughter’s internet history

i doubt “May” has the ability to use proxy servers or other such internet tracking masking devices

I’m talking about being policed by the host.

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