Moral Dilemma With my Class

I’m taking an online class, and I just emailed the professor asking if the tests, quizzes, etc are open book/internet/notes since it’s online. His response was, “No, they are not really intended to be that since there is a time limit but they are not monitored.” So is it immoral to use my book/internet/notes, or not? I’ve never been good at grey areas, so I could use some help in this matter. Thanks everyone

No grey area here. He told you no.

You’re on the honor system, and no, it’s not an open book test. Whenever I take university/college classes online, we have to find an approved supervisor for exams, and a testing centre at a school to write finals.

Thanks for the responses everyone. :slight_smile: I guess I was confused because the other online classes I’ve taken the professors have allowed it to be open book. This professor kind of threw me for a loop, lol. I mean he knows that people are going to look online and in their books for tests & quizzes because no one is there to tell them otherwise. But, if he wants it to be closed book, then I won’t use the internet/book.

Just my :twocents: …

When I was in college, I also had online exams that were timed and “closed book.” But the instructors made the questions so difficult (on purpose, because they knew people would search for answers online and in the books anyways) that you had to look in the book, no matter how much studying you had done. In that situation, I would say you’re not sinning by reading the book or looking online during a test.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that unless the instructor says something like, “You’re on the honor system”, or there is no timer or any other device to prevent someone who hasn’t studied from cheating, then you’re still not sinning at all by scanning through the book during the test no matter how difficult it is :slight_smile: The timer or other device will prevent someone who doesn’t know the material from being able to cheat that way. Again, just my opinion.

he answered the question and put the burden on your own conscience. you have your answer. there is no grey area. btw he also gave you the tip off that since there is a time limit, you will actually lessen your chances of getting a good grade by spending time looking things up in the book or on line. If you don’t study in the conventional way you will find out what most people do anyway even if the test is “open book” that relying on that is going to slow you down and dampen your performance.

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