moral dilemma

Say for instance that a baby is abandoned in a rural community and no one in that small town wants to take the child in except a male gay couple. Can the state entrust the child to them instead of putting the kid in an orphanage?

Just out of curiosity, why would it be better to place a child with two gay men vs. an orphanage?

It also seems like our society believes that orphanages are evil institutions, so much so that people would rather abort a child then place the child in an orphanage.

I think the better question is, “what does society have against orphanages?”

Every state has a social service system governed by law. They would not have a rule to keep abandoned children in the same town that they were abandoned. Abandoned children go to foster homes. Depression era type orphanages generally do not exist anymore.

To cut to the spirit of it… Yes, it is permissible. You might also ask if a man should be given nothing but ketchup to eat for a month, with the alternative of starving to death.

If we are removing someone from a harmful situation, and doing such leaves some evil, we are still to be commended.

In any case, every situation a person is put in will be imperfect, in that suffering and occasion to sin remain possibilities.

I personally think that the child needs both a mother and father. I guess being raised in an orphanage is better than being raised by a gay couple.

The problem with orphanages is that they don’t work very well. Children raised in institutions typically have developmental delays and a variety of psychological disorders, even when they are well fed and exercised. Having parents really does help children to thrive. Some orphanages do better than others by having more personal contact and stimulating activities, but they don’t come close to family care.

What really is your question? Clearly the State “can” do as you say. If you meant “may”, then you need to be clear under which system of authority the question is posed. If the legal system, then in most places the answer is yes. If you refer to some moral system, the analysis may be more complex according to the tenets of that system.

Of course have a mom & a dad is better than an orphanage. But is being adopted by homosexual parents better than growing up in a GOOD orphanage? I don’t know the answer, but it’s worth asking.

But one thing I know 100%… It’s better to grow up in an orphanage than to be murdered in the womb.

It is a good question.

So it’s better being brought up in an environment with no loving parents then not.

What a weird world in which we live.

At least we can say with certainty your first sentence does not follow from your first! Perhaps they were intended as two separate statements?

This small rural community doesn’t exist, except in your mind.

But if it did, authorities should place the child with a loving family in the community next door. We don’t have orphanages anymore.

They are two separate statements.

There is an orphanage down the street from my grandmother’s house. They are still around, but there are less orphans because over 50 million babies have been killed since Roe v Wade.

Never thought about it that way, no one sees orphans because they are all dead…“progress” is sad.

I stand corrected, I thought all had been replaced with foster care.

Oddly, Roe v Wade and contraceptives dramatically increased the number of out of wedlock births, the babies that might end up in an orphanage.

It it clear how Contraceptive availability (and willingness to use it) could see an increase in out of wedlock sex, and thus pregnancies due to imperfect use and effectiveness, but it is not so clear that legalised abortion could have that effect.

Are you considering that the availability of legalised abortion increases the perceived freedom to engage in out of wedlock sex (given it offers a means to “deal with any accidents”), but when push comes to shove, the affected women do not pursue the abortion - leading to increased births?

My understanding is that there is considerable demand these days from persons willing to adopt newborn babies. Thus any stay in an orphanage or foster care for babies is usually brief.

I’ll support your speculation on why the number has increased. I’d add that shotgun marriages have been all but eliminated with availability of abortion.

I understand healthy babies and children have no problem finding homes, if they are actually available to be adopted. Most kids in the system however are in limbo, they are being kept away from their parents but also aren’t available for adoption.

My understanding is that states have 18 months to make an adoption or family reunification plan for children. A child can have both plans running concurrently, and if the birth parents are unable to comply with requirements, the plan for adoption should go ahead.
That doesn’t mean that all states comply with the laws, but they are there.


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