Moral dillema in my work. Are the taxi drivers responsible where they drive their customers?

I work as a bike taxi driver at night time.
At day time I sleep and study.
I begin to think about money I earn.
Night clubs, hotels can pay you sometimes commissions, it’s ok, I do not see a problem with that (I declare my income and pay taxes) but sex clubs pay comissions too.
Should I refuse?
I do not advertise, I do not offer the club, the customer is going there any way, but the club pays for bringing the customer.
It happens approaximately once a month, not often.
Well, I drive bike taxi temporary because I would like to study about this business as one of the potential invests, (I have a few small business ideas!) but this commissions from sex club I received once, made me really worry.

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Seek the counsel of your priest.

If a person hires you to take them to a destination and that turns out to be an immoral place, you are not cooperating in the sin.

Being paid by a club to bring people to it,
That is a different situation and one you should avoid.


To be honest, the night time its a party time.
So very often - drunk tourists, party tourists, pleasure searching tourists, most of the tourists are like this.
I ll change later to day time but the quality of the tourists at night time not really culture search but parties and fun searchers.
You must drive them and even unwillingly inform them about the places they intend to go.

I personally think if you pick customers up you take them where they request whether restaurant, dentist, sex club. You are not responsible for their choices.

However, advertising, promoting or suggesting the club is another matter so I would avoid that. If someone asks where they can go for that, you can honestly answer “I really can’t say” based on your moral decision not to. They will just presume you don’t know.

If the clubs tip for randomly dropping people off at patron request, I see no issue with the tip. However, if they have some pre-arranged deal so you will promote the club, just don’t promote it.

I see no problem picking people up as they are leaving the club to see they safely get to their home or hotel, with or without tips. It’s good they are leaving.


Thank you for the advises.
Of course you work for living, but some times if you are not awake, you do not notice the gradual pit and falling into temptation.
There are a lot of people who are willingly or even unwillingly have sold their souls in exchange for their trade professions, that is why here is the appeal to dignity and the ability to see the compromise.
Sometimes little by little and you do not notice the callous presence of sins.

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