Moral erosion in politics

I am a Japanese Catholic. Looking from outside, people in USA look deceived by what may be an evil method. The gov’t putting out 9 religious values, but promoting 1 or a few religious values that look very appealing to the mass. So, the people throw in more support for the gov’t for a temporal up-boost of popularity for them to stay in power or the people yield moral concession for 9 immoral agendas of the gov’t. So in a few decades, the gov’t pushes more and more of the immoral agendas and soon people will feel apathetic or even laugh when good willed politicians try to promote or bring back the religious values again. I don’t like to see or argue politics on this forum. But I have comments about Mr.Trump as well. I believe his presidency proliferated racism and hatred, cold treatments of immigrants, and brought USA (and the world) closer to a war. Didn’t he order death of a foreign commander without gaining full and clear consent within the gov’t? And subsequently told the public proudly he did it? I recently heard the USA gov’t was canceling an anti-mine treaty that more than 100 nations had signed. Mines are terrible war weapons that will kill and decapitate civilians. Also other thing like sacrificing the American native’s holy land for a sake of oil. There are probably many more that I don’t know. So, I believe he is corrupting the nation’s morality. Do away 9 religious principle, but support one or a few popular religious principles to appear nice and good. Soon, the gov’t will reconsider these ones as well. Thanking the Lord for Mr.Trump’s presidency for his actions is difficult for me to understand.

*I won’t be able to reply if a comment is too American politics. Also, due to my English proficiency I may not be able to answer well and often. Sorry in advance.


How is Trump bringing the world closer to war?

Everytime I hear this, I scratch my head. He is an isolationist, not a military alliance building neo-con (which was very popular before WWI & WW2)

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Wouldn’t a sound understanding of American politics and domestic issues be necessary for you to draw most of these opinions?:man_shrugging:

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Didn’t he order kill of a foreign commander without a valid reason (imminent danger) without the gov’t full consent? How is that not provoking to the other country? Didn’t he increase war budget? He seems far more likely to rely on weapons and threats to resolve international threats than his predecessors.

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Mr.Trump’s actions are broadcast in Japan’s news very often. I also read some American sites like CNN. Mr.Trump’s actions are very loud and the things I know are listed in my comments. I think they speak enough of his presidency. But I don’t know Nancy Pelosi or other politician stuff. I can’t say my opinion on those.

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You can hold your opinion. Trump is no saint and now is a politician. Most politicians don’t care so much for the common good as for power and money. No side is perfect or morally upright. You just choose to support a party that you agree with more

He’s the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces. He doesn’t need permission to order a military, precision strike.

He cannot declare war. Only the Congress can do that.

Now, from a Catholic point of view, yes, assassinations are a grave matter.

However, from a political point of view, few (objective) world leaders are disagreeing with Trump on that strike. Many non-Americans have said the world is safer with that terrorist being assassinated.

Whether that’s true in the long run, we will see. But he didn’t make that decision in a vacuum. Many military experts were advising him.

And even President Obama’s former National Security Advisor said that they were not presented with an “opportunity” to kill him.

So it’s not like Trump came up with idea all on his own.

A bit odd for you to post a long criticism of the US president and then say you can’t reply if a comment is “too American politics”. If you are going to bring the subject up, then you should have enough background and knowledge about it to discuss it with people from the USA.


See, that’s the thing. People can have opinions.You are right. I see USA as a Christian country. But to me, American people somehow don’t seem to regard their Christian principles when they go voting. I still don’t understand how he still has like 40% approval rate.

OK. But still I won’t like Mr.Trump for openly declaring that he ordered the death. I know he has presidential power. But I also think it is misuse of his power if he hasn’t heard opinions from all sides.

I’m sure he did.

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Would you prefer a US President who wants to expand abortions and who wants to force African nations to legalize (or increase) abortions in order to receive financial aid?

Because that’s what his opponent wanted to do.

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Well, as I wrote before, I actually read USA stuff often. But I don’t know details of which politician did what. But Mr.Trump’s actions are repeatedly told in Japan’s news so I know his decisions and USA public reaction. Mr.Trump’s actions and people’s applaud for them just bother me. I don’t think a devout Christian can applaud his presidency.

I don’t know if it is Mr.Trump’s pure intention. But he cannot be all morally wrong. I think at least outwardly he has a good opinion. I can be pleased about that single decision, but I won’t thank for his presidency. Even a yakuza in Japan does a good thing once in a while. Like handing out candies to children during Halloween, or food during a big earthquake. I won’t change my opinion on them. It is the same thing. So, I cannot agree with people giving support to his presidency.

Oh. Sorry. About that. I wanted to be honest in my opinion and hear people’s honest comments. Thanks for flagging. Let me delete this thread as well.

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The forum rules say, speak to the idea and not the person. :slight_smile:

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I could not delete so I leave the comment with these parts altered. I think I will change the title for now too.

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Not bothering to find out that destroying cultural sites would be a war crime before threatening to do it really isn’t “isolationist” behavior.

It is apparently not required in order to get elected President, so…

I think that is the OP’s main thesis?

Congress hasn’t declared war since 1942. Presidents have kept our military plenty busy without it.

It is not. It does, however, have protections for the free exercise of religion in its Bill of Rights.

It really isn’t the government that pushes agendas. It is the people who bankroll or who provide votes to candidates who push agendas. That comes from a lot of directions, most of which are not pointedly religious and some of which are aiming at eroding taboos and societal constraints, whether those have religious origins or not.

Christianity was born in a time in which there was a state religion that was incompatible with Christianity. Before long, it was illegal to be Christian, on pain of death. Kingdoms and empires and have risen and fallen, but the Faith goes on. The main thing is for Christians to be careful not to be distracted from practicing the faith because of the promise of worldly power. This can take some care when Christians are active in politics, but it is not impossible.

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It is not. It does, however, have protections for the free exercise of religion in its Bill of Rights.

I long believed USA as a Christian country because it was founded by Protestant Christians fleeing from the religious persecution in Europe.

Well.if you had to vote for a politician that supported and lived out Christian morals you wouldn’t vote

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