Moral homocide?


When is homocide morally acceptable?


[quote=Reddi2go]When is homocide morally acceptable?

I would say self defense when the threat is mortal and there is no other reasonable alternative than to kill the aggressor. Likewise, in a just war you could kill the enemy. That’s probably about it these days.


How about homocide to protect another person?


Yep, it is. Say an enemy is about to shoot your buddy, you can defend him.


… or even a moral duty?

For example, a police sharp-shooter who takes out a hostage-taker before he can kill a hostage. I would think that this homocide would be both morally acceptable – an act of virtue. Further… it seems that, if the sharp-shooter failed to act, he would be guilty of failing to carry out a moral duty.

Make sense?


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