Moral ineptitude, lying, cheating, for Hannah Montana -- what have "we" come to?


I caught a blip in my LA Times this morning while feeding the baby. I am absolutely horrified. A mother LIES, writes as her 6 year old saying that her daddy had died in Iraq. Why? An essay contest to win a prize of four tickets to a Hannah Montana show, four airline tickets to New York, and a goody bag. Problem? Dad didn’t die in Iraq. In FACT dad is a carpet cleaner and not even in the military.

If I could dole out my own social justice it would be for this mother’s “writing skills” be put to further use, and to have her write an apology letter to each child who HAS lost a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. But that’s just the military wife in me talking.

Seriously, what have we come to as a people to even conceive of this type of “eye on the prize” mentality? I am DISGUSTED. The mother’s story is changing, at first claiming she did what she had to in order to win, now she is claiming ignorance on her own behalf: “I didn’t know the story had to be TRUE!” Truth or fiction aside – who uses a tragedy such as a father dying in a war in order to score Hannah Montana tickets? Did it even cross the woman’s mind that it might be slightly disrespectful to the children who have lost their parents in the war?



I saw this story on the news two days ago, and I was shocked. I dont understand how someone can actually go through a grand scheme of lying about the deaths of other people in order to get Hannah Montana tickets. I wonder what the husband thought when he found out his wife had written that he had died in Iraq.


That’s terrible! I know men who served in both Gulf Wars, sacrificing so much for their country and I also know those who have loved ones in Iraq, are serving, or lost someone in 9/11 (I live near NY and many kids have parents that commute to NYC).

I agree, she should definitely write an apology to the kids who have lost loved ones in Iraq! That’s not something you make up! Honestly, LIVE without the Hannah Montana tickets! They’re not food or shelter!


Maybe the lady learned a valuable lesson, and she will apologize. We all make mistakes–albeit this is a really out there way to get Hannah Montana tickets. I pray that the woman learns from the mistake, and writes an apology.


Recently near home we had a guy claiming to having cancer and needed a benefit to raise money. Many innocent people with good heart donated to the cause. It was a hoax…police are now involved.


I heard on the news last night that the mother had hired a lawyer.
I wonder if she is planning to sue? If so, it doesn’t sound like she learned the right lesson! :bigyikes:


Oh.:blush: Hmm… A lawyer for what? lol:o


Hannah Montana :rolleyes:

Yet another Disney-manufactured star.

Ho, hum. :yawn:

People go nuts over things these days. Anyone with that much fame can pretty much count on it. :shrug:



Why is everyone so shocked and surprised by this? Come on - these are the same types of mothers who dress their little girls up like hookers, contracept their own children out of existance, and abort the ones who get in the way of owning the summer home. We live in a society which condones this type of behavior, and even promotes it. It’s why we call it “The Culture of Death” - it is not only the death of human beings, but the death of souls. Every single day.

This didn’t surprise me a bit. Sadly.



This happened not too far from where I live, so I can tell you two things…

  1. The mother has been uniformly ripped apart. There is NO sympathy (thankfully) for her AT ALL. I have to admit, I feel sorry for the 6 year old girl. I have a five year old, and I dont think he would understand all this mess.

  2. The mother has not proven herself to be sorry or contrite for her actions. Again, I feel sorry for the little girl who, no doubt, is learning much from this experience. Problem is, it’s all the wrong stuff!



Come on - these are the same types of mothers who dress their little girls up like hookers, contracept their own children out of existance, and abort the ones who get in the way of owning the summer home.

Stereotyping and making false assumptions much? :rolleyes:


I call it as I see it.



There was a story on the news about how the tickets for this concert are being re-sold for as high as :eek:$20,000:eek: Which is absolutely ridiculous.


true–but no more ridiculous than the last Patriots game going for as high as $10k per seat. :smiley:


I can sort of see a patriots game going for $10,000 a seat (for die hard fans)considering they are (to my dismay) making NFL history. But for a Hannah Montana concert…come one, just buy the songs on itunes for 99 cents each. Both cases are ridiculous either way. I bet if you search Ebay, the prices for both tickets are laughably high.


Say hey to Barney,he posed as a deputy in Mayberry and was a menace to society! We are in-undated with the smirking realities of celebs lying…OJ,the our gang kid,Pete Rose,pro-baseball players,polls,presidents (I never …etc)movies and books that lampoon Christianity…re: Vinci code,compass etc…so whats to be expected…none of the above go to the average food counter with folks like me…oh no these above,athletes,actors,politicians etc…just smirk at the camera and make even more money. Is this not surpising then for parents to fib a tiny bit to win a contest for a no talent roll your eyes 'star’s concert??? beware america,for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for thee…folks like me have been fighting the good fight for many years and have been called ‘right wing extremists,kooks,alarmists’ and just plain …get a life buster!..oh look here comes that horseman again,…to every hamlet and village…yelling something about the enemy is here…wake up…(somebody call the thought police…)


I suppose one can look at a sport and see the accomplishment aspect of it–although, I still think that it’s a ridiculous price. But, if someone will pay…:shrug: My dd has never watched this Hannah Montana…she is not a fan. I’m not all that familiar with the show…


What aggravates me is that Fox news continues to make comments like,“How far would you, as a parent, go for your kid?” when dealing with issues like Hannah Montana tickets and Wii systems. The channel almost make it sound as if a parent doesn’t love their children if they don’t do ***anything ***to get these types of things for them.:frowning:


…as if parenting begins and ends with buying tickets to Hannah Montana or Wii systems? :rolleyes:


While what I think the mother did is wrong, I have to wonder what the rules for the essay stated. I haven’t seen anything on that. Does it state that the story has to be true? If it doesn’t than the mother could sue and would likely win. However wrong that may be.

I really feel sorry for the little girl. I have a 6-year old girl, and I don’t think she would understand why the tickets she won were being taking away.

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