Moral ineptitude, lying, cheating, for Hannah Montana -- what have "we" come to?


Do you remember Billy Ray Cyrus the country singer? It’s his daughter.


At least people are horrified by it. Don’t you hate it when people like that get SUPPORT instead?


My DD 8 and my DS 6 watch the show. I have to say the child (Hannah Montana i.e. Miley Cyrus) is incredibly talented. $20K a ticket talented? No. But it’s not about the talent, it’s about the status that your kids get to go to the concert with a much coveted ticket. IF the tickets weren’t going for this, or it hadn’t become a circus I would have taken my two eldest children to see her.

My DD heard she was in concert, at the time it was being announced that ticket re-sellers had used technology to buy up all available tickets nation-wide as they went on sale at TicketMaster on-line. Read: it was being announced that a normally $45 seat would be going for at least $200. Who knew it would get up to $20K? The whole thing is a trickle down of bad morality. You got opportunists making hundreds of thousands on little girls who want to see Hannah Montana, and parents who are buying the tickets despite the absolute outrageous prices (and one has to wonder if all these parents are wealthy enough to plop down $500-$40K for a couple of tickets. Me thinks not.) to appease their children. Again, it’s not even about Hannah Montana, it’s the status symbol. My DD is bummed it’s like that, but she didn’t throw a fit, she didn’t stomp her feet and demand, she just said “oh well, it would have been cool to see her.” Then she perked up upon hearing that Disney is going to release a DVD of the concert.

Someone mentioned the Wii. Again opportunists charging double in order for kids to have it by Christmas. It really annoys me, but it’s life. They wouldn’t be charging double if people were not paying it. Our in-laws gave us the money to buy the family a Wii for Christmas, but we waited too long. So now we wait for the after Christmas cool-down and get it when they hit the market again. We explained this to the kids, and not even a sniffle or fit. My son is anxious, sure, but he thought it was ordered and on it’s way. He now knows he waits until it’s available. No tears, just the way it is, and he’s just grateful to get one at all!

About the little girl in the Texas case, I was thinking about her this AM before posting. I was thinking of my own 6 year old. I was speculating about conversation regarding this as it went down. My own 6yo would call ME into question if I asked him to write lies. Yet he has a good foundation. I can speculate all I want to, but a six year old who is being raised to think one can make up anything, can lie, cheat or steal all one wants just to get what one wants at the end – dear me, is this our FUTURE? :shrug: Oh and not only NOT apologize after being caught but hire a lawyer and SUE? Can someone hand this lady a shovel? Apparently she didn’t think her own grave was deep enough.

Even the schools in our nation are being “busted” for cheating on state mandated tests (check out the latest Reader’s Digest) just for funding. If the kids aren’t helped to cheat, teachers and admin have been found to be blatantly changing answers on their tests. Where does this all end?

Really, I am so concerned. Morality and righteousness have taken a back seat to winning, at any cost. It’s destroying our children – they are the most innocent. And “we” are destroying that, we are responsible.

Oh and Cellophane – you don’t know how happy I am to hear the “neighbors” of this lady are not tolerating this. Public ostracizing
is the only way to deal with this anymore. But man that POOR little girl. She is either going to learn a serious lesson in goodness and righteousness or she’s going to be a self-righteous turd for the rest of her life. I suspect by mommy hiring the lawyer it’ll be the latter. Speculation true, but wow, how UNFAIR for that little girl. She has my prayers.


Oh yeah? I didn’t know that. I really know very little about this show, except my dd thinks it’s ‘dumb.’:shrug:


Hey KC!:slight_smile:
Yeah, I feel for the little girl…something awful. She must be totally confused by the whole thing. I wonder what her mom told her was the reason the tickets/prize was being taken away?:frowning:


I didn’t even think of that! :eek: I was focusing on what she said in the beginning – at the onset of her “great idea.”

MY GOODNESS. What a thought! PRAY it was the truth, finally.


That was so disheartening! How terrible what the mom did… how sad for the little girl… how horrible that Hanna Montana tickets would even get that high! My step dd informed us that her mom bought tickets for her little sister (not for step dd) and is taking her to the St Louis concert. I was just appalled that parents would buy $200 tickets for an 8 yo!!! And what’s worse is that an 8yo can’t go alone, so her mom had to buy another $200 ticket to go with her! That is a waste of $400 (probably from DH’s support check).

I truly think the sickest part of this story is what the mother said in the essay to win… her daddy died in Iraq… how many of us with loved ones in the military just want to smack the snot out of the mother… then we realize we have to now go to confession…crapola!!!

As for the Wii… I wouldn’t pay more than the typical price for it… We got one for our kids and it is awesome… (I love the fitness test and boxing, it is quite a workout) but there is no way I would spend more than it would cost in BestBuy, Walmart, etc… We got ours the hard way… we spent the night at Toys “r” Us to get it… but we made the kids go with and help so they could see what effort was put into their Christmas. I do admit, my oldest sold his for more than it cost… because of the circumstance (his xbox was “taken” at a party and the culprit left them a wii in a forced exchange) So they sold it on ebay and it did sell for higher… but just high enough for them to get themselves a new xbox. He would have sold it for whatever the winning bid was…the price was driven by the market on this one.


Another question is if the story has to be written by the child. Of course, an adult can sound like a child and in this case evidently did.

If the story doesn’t have to written by the child, that leaves it pretty wide open.



This was terrible and yes its terrible how many people bought tickets just to sell them for outrageous amounts of money. One of the girls that I work with has 2 daughters and they LOVE Hannah Montana. Tickets weren’t that hard to get if you were willing to join the fan club and drive a bit to get to the concert. They went on sale early and she was able to get tickets to the concert in Little Rock (about 3-4 hrs away) and actually had pretty good seats. The girls got to see Hannah/Miley and were thrilled. Plus if you didn’t get tickets they are going to do a 3D concert at IMAX.

Personally I think the show Hannah Montana on Disney is really cute. More family friendly than the trash on network tv.


This mother has no one to blame but herself. Unfortunately, she will try to blame Club Libby Lu.

The little girl: Kids are not as dumb as they look. If she hasn’t figured out by now that the whole thing is Mommy’s fault, she sadly will.


Oh I thought I was the only one that experienced this!

Three times on three separate occasions, women have backed out of baby clothing sales (online) claiming they had miscarriages.

Using a very simple thing called “bidder search” duh I found out they continued to bid and purchase baby clothes. They had simply bid up to high on my auctions and had bidder’s remorse!

Can you imagine being pregnant and lying about a miscarriage because you didn’t want to pay extra $$?


By contrast, my husband showed me a video on YouTube tonight about a soldier who came home from Iraq and went to his 6 year old son’s classroom to surprise him. The boy went flying across the classroom into his dad’s arms sobbing. I wonder how important Hannah Montana tickets were to him at that moment.

My girls love Hannah Montana, watch the show and have her songs on their iPods. She is wholesome, clean and has strong family values. The show shows the love between her and her dad. That said, there is no way I would pay what they are asking for concert tickets. My girls are eagerly awaiting the movie being made from the concert footage.


Well that’s awesome he got such a high price, and I don’t blame your son one bit – if people will pay it – then good for him! Hey auctions are one thing, and your son had one Wii. To go to a store, buy them up after standing all night outside, then list them – that’s capitalism. To be an online store and drive your prices up double to insure delivery before Christmas: that’s hinky. It’s business, but it’s hinky. It wouldn’t happen if there was no market for it though. Period.

I’m still waiting for our Wii. LOL I suspect it’ll be a month…hahaha.


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