Moral issue about pharmacies

I don’t know if this is in the right sub-forum, but whatever.

I have been reading some threads here on CAF and one about the morals of working in a pharmacy that provides birth control made me think a bit. I know in US there is such a thing like pro-life pharmacies, but where I live(Sweden) the situation is quite different. There is absolutely no pro-life pharmacies(not even pro-life hospitals nor any pro-life OB/GYN:s since you cannot be emplyed as an OB/GYN if you’re not willing to preform abortion, so all our pro-life doctors work in other fields), and they all sell abortificent birth control(like the morning after pill). Abortions, though, are always made at the hospital so a pharmacist would never sell an ordinary abortion pill. Can you even be a pharmacist in Sweden without breaking moral law?

The same thing goes for working in super markets. There is not a single super market that does not sell condoms. And working in the super market is a very common job, and if you’re on the dole you have to take whatever job you can get. Is there any moral issues in this?

It is a tough question. As you probably know, in the USA there are Catholic bakers who have refused to sell a wedding cake with two men or with two women figures on top and there has been a big uproar in the USA about this. Indiana passed a law recently to allow religious freedom in some similar cases and various states are now threatening economic sanctions against Indiana. The newspaper editorials that I have seen have been critical of the Indiana law. Some people feel more strongly about this than others. I suspect that there are a lot of Roman Catholics who work at WalMart, in spite of the fact that they sell contraceptives openly.

This is a very difficult situation you’re in. I would say, since you have no reasonable option for alternative employment, you would not be acting immorally working in a pharmacy that happens to sell the morning after pills. Of course, you can still pray that those who buy such pharmaceuticals won’t take them. God Bless you for your concern and remember to always pray.

In Sweden tight now we’re debating wheater a OB/GYN doctor should be employed if he or she is not willing to preform abortion… Right now it is not possible to employ such a doctor, so as you can see we’re kind of a bit behind when it comes to religious freedom.
Being a swedish catholic isn’t easy…

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