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Today on MSNBC an article concerning a recent poll was posted. [/font]
In it is the line: “The findings provide important answers for parents struggling to cope with a newly promiscuous world,” said MSNBC News in regards to the latest poll done by NBC and People Magazine. I have to say, really, do most parents whose children have had any sexual experiences struggle with this matter of coping or is it because they are doing nothing at all? One thing is evident in the poll results – there is a problem in this country in regards to youth and this issue.

Because of this recent poll I am curious of how many people can say they were brought up from childhood and through adolescence into adulthood with some form of a good moral system that was given to them by their parent/s. I would like to think that the majority will say yes, there was good guidance, but seeing the way things are today I think there will be many no’s.


Very good guidence from my parents, particularly on the immorality of racism.


yep, my daddy said don’t date any girl that you would be ashamed to marry… 2 ways to look at that…

he also said “treat your dates the way you want guys to treat your sister”.


Even if the advice ever came, I sure it would have been too late to do any good anyway.


There is no better advice that a bad example :slight_smile:


I’m old but my mother was very moderne, so we probably were ahead of the times. She was good on racism, but tended toward eugenics and that sort of rot because some esteemed relatives believed in it. She slept with her boyfriend–I mean “fiancé”–at our house, and told me it was okay *if you are in love. * But then he would stop calling and she’d be crying and freaking out all the time, thinking he was with someone else. She made her emotional state worse by taking diet pills & seeing shrinks. This went on for about 10 years. She’d have nervous breakdowns and send me to my grandmother’s, who taught me to pray.

Actually she was a very good bad example, but naturally as a young “adult” I had to take it one worse. That’s the trouble, the kids will follow the example only do it worse as society becomes more permissive. Only, I wouldn’t let the man get the upper hand the way my mom’s boyfriend did. So, at least I stayed pretty independent…


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