Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists


This is rather general and therefore has to be seen in specific cases.

Some people believe in ideal and their passion for it become almost religious, and this category can be genuinely outraged at something that they do not believe is right.

On the other hand, it can be superficial – a guilt trip, thus makes oneself feels better in condemning something one or his group are guilty of. This is probably more common and could be the reason for the political correctness.

Genuine outraged should be resulted from real belief. In other word, it has to be religious or nearly so.


They think they get around it by “feeling” for others. It’s just a form of signaling psychology.

Anyone faithful person following Catholic teaching does not need these gimmicks.

And it’s insulting intellectually when people (mostly on-line or at organized protests) demand we fall for this nonsense.


Some people are morally outraged and want the state to step in and force others to do as they wish.

Some others are morally outraged because a group of people use the state to step in and force them to do as they wish.

Christianity used to be about using the body of Christ to make the world a better place.

To me it is what Jesus instituted, causes far less moral outrage and has been the most successful force in history.

The new religion of politically correct statism is a step backwards and causes much moral outrage and division that stands in the way of the mission of the body of Christ.

So basically it is much more profitable and far less divisive to channel any moral outrage through the church instead of the state.

The church is voluntary, the state is mandatory.

The church has to humbly facilitate co-operation and ask for funds to fulfil nits mission.

The state forcibly thieves money off tax payers to force through its ideology against the wishes of many it has thieved from.


I noticed you only mentioned the liberals’ use of the state to accomplish their aims. Conservatives also sometimes rely on the state to accomplish their aims of moral outrage. But I agree that neither of these uses is really at the core of Christianity.


And we are not to tell folks how good we are.

Do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.


But not everyone has these altruistic motivations.


That’s right. Outrage can be manufactured to sway individual people and the public in general. In some cases, where calm, reasoned arguments aren’t working, the disagreeing party, or group, goes into outrage mode. At which point communication breaks down. Nothing is solved.

But, in some cases, the same person or group, comes back around and starts the cycle all over again. So, in some cases, outrage in general can be used as a tool for some person, or group, to use against another. And of course it’s self-serving.



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