Moral pros and cons of your favorite show

Most of us watch some TV from time to time, or see a movie or have a favorite author. And being mostly Catholic Christian here, we’re all pretty well versed in morality and all that jazz.

I’m such a sucker for theatre, drama, you get me. I love a good thrilling, engaging story. I love stories that really get into the human emotion, the human heart, be it through religion, pain, love, evil, you name it.

So, that got me to thinking; every piece of written or performed art is in a way “imperfect”, but can still have a shining light or message.

So, I thought it might be fun to put your inner morality critic to the test! Anyone who’s on this site for long, or lurks, has seen the fights erupting over Harry Potter, Catcher in the Rye, you get the idea. Those condemning, those defending…

Well, this ain’t the place for THAT, but I thought it might be a fun challenge to try and see your favorite show from both the rigorist and more free minded POV. Find it’s flaws, morally speaking. What would make some people condemn it? What would make some people say good Catholics should avoid it? And then, what redeems it? What makes it worth the read?

Now please, this is NOT a thread to talk about how good Catholics keep away from all secular fiction or burn any book that has the word “homosexual” in it. There are plenty of debate threads for thing like that. No, this is more for fun, and to try and see something from another point of view, so play clean :wink:

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