Moral question-for business

I own a family business with my brothers,what constitute a just wage? We pay from $10.00 an hour to about $16.50 for 40 hours and i offer another 8/1/2 hours,over time , to whomever wants to put the in hours. It is a profitable business

We cannot answer without knowing: What is the cost of living and the statutory minimum wage where you are? What kind of wages do your competitors pay? You did answer my fourth question, which was: is the company profitable?

What do other similar businesses in your area pay?

Need way more information. What type of business? Is this a skilled labor job or did you train them what to do? What type of work do they do? What work are you doing? Do you offer health insurance, vacation, sick pay, retirement? Family business so you first need to place a value on your time, your long term goal, what you have to reinvest in the company down the road, how much of your life is on the line if your company has a bad year? And like the other poster said depends on your area as well.

We can’t answer that here. It is something you should discern. Compensation includes wages, insurance, and other benefits. It’s something you have to look at holistically and then measure against cost of living and other factors specific to your locality.

What has you doubting yourself?

All of those variable and then add:

Do you offer opportunities to grow with the company or are most of the positions “dead end” jobs? How do you reward good work and longevity? Is the work enjoyable? Is the environment pleasant? Is there flexibility with hours or schedules? Are there any particular hazards that cause a risk of injury or illness?

Is there a minimum wage payable where you live?

56.57 per hour

Obviously we can’t really answer that.

Minimum wage is $7.50 an hour.the business is electrical supply house,i pay health insurance and holidays. I have some of the employees have been here for some time,but are not not very dependable or do not show up on time,what is my obligation toward them and others, who come late to work ,but they are good workers.

An employee who is “not dependable” or comes to work late is not a “good employee”.

Your obligation is to pay them at least the required minimum, follow all the labor regulations that you need to and give them a safe work environment.

How much is “just” has to be determined by your location, the cost of living, what exactly the job entails, experience, etc.

thank you for your help

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